Types of Wild Symbols in Online Slots: how to increase your earnings

Wild Symbols in Online Slots

Fans of online slots already know that the most loved symbols in these games are Scatter, Bonus and Wilds. We will talk about the latter in this article where we will review the different types of Wild symbols that you can encounter in casino games.

What is the Wild symbol in online slots

The Wild symbol is the Joker when we talk about slots (online slots), it is the symbol that replaces any other symbol and helps you make winning combinations. It’s basically the symbol that can turn a mundane spin into a truly memorable one that can bring you big wins. In most games, the Wild symbol is also the most valuable, above the high value symbols, and if you catch 5 Wild symbols on the same payline you will get the highest possible win for a single line in that game.

But there are many types of Wild symbols, and as the technology behind online slots has advanced we have come to have spectacular features and extremely diverse Wild symbols.

Classic Wild symbols in the online casino

We are talking here about the Wild symbol that appears on the reels in one position and all it does is replace any symbol for the most advantageous combination for the player. You meet him in most games and he probably needs no further introduction.

Classic Wild symbols can appear either on all game reels or selectively depending on the game rules. We often come across situations where we can only have Wild symbols on reels 2,3,4 (in a 5-reel game) or 1,3,5. These cases are rarer.

Wild Stacked symbols

We also have enough examples of slots that feature Stacked Wild Symbols. In these cases we have the possibility that an entire reel or several are full of Wild symbols. Basically, these symbols spin on adjacent reels (3, 4 or more) and can stop entirely on the reel.

There are games that can feature stacked Wilds on all of the game’s reels, meaning that you can theoretically fill all of the game’s spaces with wilds. This way you would generate the maximum profit of the game.

Expandable Wilds

Wild Symbols in Online Slots

These Wild symbols are to the taste of many players for several reasons. They often appear during bonus rounds and their big advantage is that they expand onto adjacent boxes. How they do it differs from game to game, but the most interesting are the ones that can expand in all directions. A good example is provided by the Jingle Spins slot from Vlad Cazino where an expandable Wild symbol can unfold in all eight directions and you can thus end up having 9 Wild symbols on the game reels from the start.

Most often, these Wilds only expand horizontally, but even so they are a bonus for players.

“Walking” Wilds

They are those Wild symbols that once landed on the slot reels stay there, but change position from spin to spin. Most often they move one position from left to right or vice versa with each spin, helping you to generate wins. These symbols disappear once they reach the edge of the slot.

Random Wild symbols

These generally occur during free spins or during mini-bonus slots features. Basically, on any spin, you can trigger a feature that turns certain symbols into Wilds. There are also several options here. Either a character randomly chooses symbols from the reels to turn them into wilds, or one of the game’s normal symbols is selected, and all the respective symbols present on the reels of the slot are turned into wilds.

Wild symbols with multipliers

They work much like regular wilds, but have an added bonus: they also add a multiplier factor. Thus, if you catch such a wild in a winning combination the prize obtained will be at least twice as large as usual (depending on the multiplier factor X2, X3, X5, etc.).

Wild Sticky symbols

Wild Symbols in Online Slots

These Wild symbols appear on rollers and are kept there according to the rules of the game. There are sticky wilds that remain in position for a fixed number of spins, sticky wild symbols that remain in position as long as you generate winnings or that remain in position as long as every rotation you catch additional symbols.

Wild symbols transformed from the basic symbols of the game

We encounter them especially during bonus games, when one or more additional Wild symbols are selected. It is a way in which players get help to win as much as possible during free spinning. Thus, in addition to the usual Wild symbols, additional Wild symbols will appear on the rollers, transformed from the Wild symbols of the game.

With so many types of Wild available, the fun seems guaranteed in the online casino. The most interesting is that many of the wilds presented in this article can also appear simultaneously in certain games. Thus, you can combine Wild Sticky symbols with Wild symbols with expansible Wild symbols with random Wild symbols.

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