Myths about online slots: how true are the players’ guesses

Myths about online slots

If you are a fan of online casinos and slots are your favorite games, then surely you already have some opinions about how this game works.

There are dozens or hundreds of assumptions about casino games, and many players have turned personal experiences into real “rules” that they follow when playing online and pass on. This is how real myths about gambling have appeared, which we will try to dismantle in this article.

How slots work

Before we do that, we need to explain to everyone how slots (online and physical) actually work.

Regardless of the graphics of the chosen game and the specific functions, all slots are based on a system that generates random numbers (Random Number Generator – RNG), based on which the result of each spin is determined from the moment the player presses the “Spin” button . When the player chooses to spin the reels of the game, the automatic generation system chooses a number for each reel of the game, and according to this the machine displays symbols on the reels of the games.

This system makes it impossible for players to “anticipate” the outcome of a spin in any way. Each “spin” is completely random.

Once this system is explained, it will be much easier to dismantle some of the creeds of the slot players.

Slots that do not award winnings for a long time are “prepared” to offer a memorable special

Myths about online slots

Many players invest money in certain games and continue to do so even though they are already in the red. The reason? They are convinced that the game cannot go on losing forever and will soon make up for all losses. Theoretically, this can be real, given that all games have an RTP (return to player) that jumps to 90%, so they basically return a large part of the collected amounts.

In reality, however, the RTP is calculated for extremely long periods and for many spins. So there is no rule to rely on. You can just as well hit the jackpot twice in just two spins as you can hit an almost endless streak of losing spins.

So don’t make the mistake of starting to raise when you’re in the red just because you’re expecting to finally catch a special you’ve been waiting for a while.

Online slots are “arranged”

It’s no secret that in all casino games the house has an edge, so it will always make a profit in the long run. However, this does not mean that casino games are rigged so that you lose all your money.

Casinos don’t need to “fix” the games to make a profit, they even have every reason to be transparent and convince you that they are clean. All legal casinos are strictly regulated in this regard and would not risk losing their license by “walking” to the games.

When you sit down at the gaming table you must know that the advantage will be on the side of the house and you will need luck to win.

A slot where the Jackpot was recently won will no longer award winnings

Myths about online slots

Nothing more fake. Even if the Jackpot represents a major win and, in theory, the game that awarded it caused a loss to the casino, this does not change the basic rule: all spins are random and the outcome is decided at the time of the spin, with no connection to what has happened in the past two minutes ago or two weeks ago.

You can have an incredible winning streak in a very short time or you can lose on the line for tens or hundreds of spins.

The jackpot is only for those who bet a lot of money

There are certain games where you can only win the Jackpot with the maximum bet, but this is very clearly specified in the game rules. If this is not specified, then you can rest easy: whether you bet 1 lei per spin or 100 lei, the chances of winning the Jackpot are equal. Very small, but equal.

The casinos do not control who wins the Jackpot, this is determined randomly through the basic game system.

In the end, when it comes to casino games, it’s all about luck. There is no foolproof strategy and no proven way to be sure to win every time. The best advice we can give you is to look at gambling as fun and never invest more money than you can afford to lose.

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