When to use GG bets

GG bets

Bets both mark hair simple and are really simple, but that does not mean you have to abuse them. Now that we have learned what it is and what GG means to sports betting, let’s see what situations it is recommended to use this bet.

It is probably understood that GG bets are used in football, this being a sport in which there is the possibility that both teams will mark, that only one marks or that none may mark. In other sports, such as basketball or handball, there is no point in discussing them, because in these sports it is impossible for a team to not mark at all.

It is advisable to use GG bets in those football matches in which big favorite playing teams with force on their own ground. In such cases, you will definitely benefit from some very good odds, because the wait is for the favorite team to win the game from one end to the other, which would suggest that they would not mark both teams.

Balanced matches are other very good candidates for type bets both teams mark. The rule is simple in this case: look for the championships in which a lot is marked. Thus, you will be sure that, even if the match will be a balanced one, they will mark both participants.

Of course, the most advisable to use GG bets when the statistics recommend you to do so. If the statistics say you have two offensive teams, with shabby defensive, it is quite clear what you need to do.

Last but not least, it is advisable to make GG bets when the history of direct meetings tells you that they are safe bets.

GG bets

GG bet bets are not difficult to understand or place. A beginner bet can do very well with them, especially if they take into account some tips. So here are some GG bets, to help you increase your chances of winning.

Bet on the leagues in which much is marked

To make your life easier, it is best to make GG bets on the matches in the leagues where they are a lot. Below, I added a table with the first ten leagues in Europe, in 2022, as a number of goals on the match. From the table it can be seen that in the Bundesliga, for example, at least 3 goals per match are constantly scored.

This is an extremely useful statistic, if you want to play GG for betting, learn what they mean, but also to make serious money with them. It must be said, however, that the statistics do not guarantee that your bet will be a winner. However, there are much greater chances for a bet on matches in these leagues will be a winner, unless you bet on a match in a league where you do not mark much.

Looking for tradition derby

GG bets

The great derby, that is, those rivalries of great tradition, between teams such as Steaua București and Dinamo București, Celtig and Rangers, Real and Barcelona, are matches that take into account neither the form nor the place in the standings. Many times, the force that pushes from the back a team involved in such a match is the passion of supporters. This means that such a derby will always be open, spectacular and many, many goals.

Statistics can help you and learn what GG means to bets

When we talk about sports bets, the statistics is very important. And it is even more important for type bets both teams marks. That’s the simple fact that we are talking about a simple bet.

If the statistics of a match tells you that you have two teams that play offensive, with strikers in shape and defensives, the chances of both marking are very high. So it is quite easy to make such a bet when you have the statistics in front. In this case, the statistics is much safer. For other types of bets, it may not be.

Bet on the middle -ranking teams

GG bets

I offered you above a statistic of the most offensive leagues in Europe. You can use it and even advise you to do it. So choose a league that you think you like the most. From that league, choose 2-3 teams in the middle of the standings. They will be perfect candidates for GG bets.

We are talking about teams that score but also get goals. For you, their results are less important. As long as they participate in parties in which both sides mark, you go out winning.

Beware of matches with teams of different value

We conclude our list of gg bets by telling you what to do. In matches in which a team is a big favorite, being one of the first places, and the other is much weaker, occupying the last places in the league, you will have very good odds at the bet that both will mark. You may be tempted to use them, only that the degree of risk in these matches is very high.

Maybe you will bet GG, thinking that the great favorite will have no problems but also that the poorly listed team will score at least one emptiness. It can happen, of course, but there are much higher chances for the superfavory to be the only one that marks. Also, fixed because he meets a force, the smaller team could mobilize in defense. It could provide a very high quality defensive game, which will prevent the favorite from marking.

It can be seen therefore that the risk is much higher than in a match between two teams in the middle of the standings, which an equal result would not help and which would not play with the pressure of avoiding retrograde or winning the champion title. It is best not to risk. Avoid such parties.

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