What does GG mean to bets?

GG Combo

GG is a term that you have certainly met in sports bets, even if you may not have so much experience in the field. And, if you are at the beginning in the world of gambling, you may have wondered what GG means to sports betting. In the next rows, we will explain everything you need to know about this type of betting. We will tell you what where you have the best offers for GG bets, what GG Combo means, what alternatives exist to this type of betting and what strategies do best with it.

Betting houses with the best offers on GG / both teams mark

As I said already, GG bets are present in the offers of all betting houses that work legally in our country. Thus, if you want to make such bets and win a nice profit, you must analyze the offers of gambling agencies. To come to your aid, I have made up a list of the best operators where you can make such bets.

In making this ranking, we looked at the margins used by the betting houses for the first three European championships in the number of goals scored in 2022. We also considered other very important advantages for GG bets, such as transmitting matches Live Online, the inclusion of free deposit bonus and free bets in their offers or the existence of Cash Out function.

What does GG mean to sports betting?

GG Combo

The expression GG is a shortage that comes from “goal” and describes a type of betting. Used in the context of sports betting, GG means that both teams score at least one goal during the regular time of a game that is played at some point.

And we are talking about a very popular type of sports betting, which is not missing from the offers of the best legal bookmakers in Romania. “Both teams mark” or “GG” is a very simple type of sports betting, very easy to understand by any player, regardless of the level of skill regarding gambling.

Most importantly, this type of betting comes with very good odds. Even in the matches where it is quite obvious which team will win and where the favorite has a small, unattractive share, GG bets can have better odds. So they give you a good reason to bet on matches that you may not have bet.

How does GG work on bets?

Also from the picture above, you can see which one is the mechanism of a bet both teams mark. This is a very simple bet, which offers you two options: both teams mark (GG) and do not mark both teams (NGG).

So, if you met bets that used the expression both teams mark no, now you know what it means. They were referring to GG bets and talked about not marking both teams.

What does GG combo mean to sports bets?

GG Combo

Many new bets are wondering what GG Combo means at sports betting. Obviously, we speak of a version of the bet both teams mark. Or, better said, more variants. Because the popularity of the bet both teams mark it made it combined with other options, to give birth to new, interesting bets.

So, if you are curious what GG Combo means, the simplest answer is that it is a type of bet made of a GG type bet, combined with another type of bet.

It depends only on the bookmaker how many types of bets GG wants to offer. Bets both teams score can be combined with 1×2 bets, total goals, half bets, double chance, glory and others.

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