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Serving Up The OPCAT Down Under

Probably rarely has the OPCAT ever been served for breakfast, but earlier this week Melbourne community radio station 3CR 855 AM broke new ground in this connection!

During the Tuesday Breakfast Show this week 3CR presenter Anya Saravanan interviewed Australian OPCAT expert Steven Caruana on the implications for Australia of ratifying the OPCAT.

Canadian human rights actors may be especially interested in this interview, as Australia is currently in the process of putting in place an NPM. Like Canada, Australia is also likely to designate multiple bodies as the future NPM.

In the interview Steven Caruana throws a timely spotlight on the importance of the OPCAT as a human rights instrument, its relevance and added value in the Australian context, and the wide scope of the definition of deprivation of liberty under the OPCAT. You can listen to Anya’s interview with Steven at around the 21 minute mark – please click here.

Steven Caruana 3CR interview
Steven Caruana 3CR

The thoughts of Steven Caruana on the OPCAT in Australia have previously been explored on the Canada OPCAT Project website, including an in-depth
interview conducted with him by Sydney Criminal Lawyers’ writer Paul Gregoire in September 2018.

In the course of 2017 Steven Caruana undertook in-depth research into the wider issue of how the OPCAT was functioning in reality as part of his Winston Churchill Trust Fellowship. The resulting publication (which has also been featured on this website), Enhancing best practice inspection methodologies for oversight bodies with an Optional Protocol to the UN Convention against Torture focus, identifies both good practice inspection methodologies as well as a concept of what constitutes a framework for good practice for NPMs.

Visit the Melbourne community radio station 3CR website and listen to their many other shows live or on podcast.

Listen to an audio-recording of the work of the New Zealand NPM, as highlighted in these pages.

Readers may also wish to listen to an earlier Soundcloud interview featured on this website with the Norwegian NPM, the Parliamentary Ombudsman.

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