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But for now, you will find below a selection of international coronavirus (COVID-19) related news articles and statements listed by weeks – the more recent first. Our aim is not to list everything (a mountain of information emerges everyday), just the more interesting items.

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Your Smile Is Contagious – Travis Wise (2020).

Week 25-31 January 2021


Havva Kara Aydin, ‘Turkey: Council of Europe praises low-contact prisons’ (AA).

Emanuela Barboglio, Migrants and refugees’ health in the wake of Covid-19 (OBCT).

Cassie M. Chew, ‘How COVID-19 Worsens the Housing Crunch for Returning Citizens’ (The Crime Report).

Daily Sabah, ‘Egypt incarcerates prisoners in inhumane conditions, report says’ (DS).

FARS, ‘Palestinian Officials Warn of Palestinians’ Health in Israeli Prisons Amid COVID Pandemic’ (FARS).

HM Inspectorate of Prisons, HMP/YOI Hindley – creative work to reduce impact of COVID-19 restrictions but rising violence a concern.

COVID-19 – Kat (2020).

Infirmiers, ‘Covid-19 : Quelle vie en prison depuis la survenue de la pandémie ?’ (Infirmiers).

Ina Jafe, ‘Why Nursing Homes’ COVID-19 Legal Shields May Interfere With Other Cases’ (WBUR).

Marie Porchet, ‘Safeguarding human rights in places of detention: The role of National Preventive Mechanisms during COVID-19’ (Universal Rights Group).

Public Defender of Georgia, Public Defender’s special statement on situation in penitentiary establishments.

Various, Impact and trend of COVID-19 in the Brazilian prison system: an ecological study (Scielo).

VERA Institute, People in Jail and Prison in 2020.

Lisa Zengerino, ‘Brazilian bishops decry conditions in prisons’ (Vatican News).

Week 18-24 January 2021

AA, ‘Palestinian prisoner in Israeli jail dies after COVID-19 shot’ (AA – Daily Sabah).

AFP, ‘Israel Prison Service to vaccinate Palestinian inmates’ (AFP – Maccau Business).

AFP, ‘COVID-19: le Japon veut durcir ses mesures, prison envisagée’ (AFP – Le Journal de Montreal).

Aljazeera, ‘Palestinian prisoner dies in Israeli jail of unknown causes’ (Aljazeera).

AP, ‘Lawmaker Wants Task Force to Study COVID in Prisons’ (AP – US News).

BBC News, ‘Covid-19: Open prison Hollesley Bay has ‘quarter of inmates’ infected’ (BBC News).

BBC News, ‘Covid in Scotland: Quarter of prison population awaiting trial’ (BBC News).

Deborah Becker, ‘Families Of Prisoners Hospitalized With COVID Often Cannot Get Critical Details’ (WBUR).

Mounir Bennour, ‘Le bilan des prisonniers palestiniens infectés par le coronavirus s’alourdit à 265 cas’ (AA).

Kena Betancur, ‘If Biden Wants to End Death Penalty, He Must Also End Death by Incarceration’ (Truth Out).

Iurre Bidegain, ‘Le coronavirus derrière les barreaux’ (Media Bask).


Musawenskosi Cabe, ‘Why prisoners are a priority in vaccine rollout’ (Mail & Guardian).

James Campbell, ‘Hull Prison Covid outbreak on sex offenders wing with prisoners ‘in comas” (Hull Daily Mail).

James Campbell, ‘Hull Prison cleaner feels safer at work than visiting supermarket’ (Hull Daily Mail).

John Cheves, ‘Kentucky ranks near top for inmate mortality, with COVID infecting 90% in one prison’ (The Herald Leader).

CNW, ‘Barbados Officials Say Officials says Prison Conditions Are Stable Following COVID-19 outbreak’ (CNW).

Sophie Cornish, ‘Contraband finds double during Covid lockdown at prison under investigation for staff corruption’ (Stuff).

Ken Foy, ‘Eight prisoners in three different Irish jails are battling Covid-19’ (Sunday World).

FR24 News, ‘Les prisons évoluent au milieu de Covid, mais que se passe-t-il après?’ (FR24 News).

Lucy Frazer, ‘Prisoners with strong family ties are less likely to reoffend’ (The Telegraph).

Coronavirus – Fernando Moital (2020).

Rosa Goldensohn, ‘State Prison COVID-19 Wave Grows As Inmates Wait For Vaccines’ (Patch).

Government UK, Secure video calls help all prisoners maintain essential family ties during pandemic.

Jan Gresil Kahambing, Philippine prisons and ‘extreme vulnerability’ during COVID-19 (Journal of Public Health).

Jamie Hall, ‘HMP Grampian hit by fresh outbreak of Covid-19’ (Evening News).

Yahia Hatim, ‘Morocco’s Mohammed V University to Send Professors to Teach in Prisons’ (Morocco World News).

Emily Henderson, ‘COVID-19, influenza and suicide are responsible for deaths of ICE detainees’ (Medical News Life Sciences).

HM Inspectorate of Prisons, Impact of the pandemic on the criminal justice system.

HM Inspectorate of Prisons, HMP Huntercombe – well-led and impressive progress on rehabilitation and release planning, but concerns over limited time out of cells.

Islam Times, ‘COVID-19 Spreading Among Palestinian Inmates in “Israeli” Prison, Cases Rise to 15’ (IT).

Nicole Lewis Beth Schwartzapfel, ‘Prisons in NC, and around U.S., released inmates without testing for COVID-19 first’ (The Charlotte Observer).

Jack Loughran, ‘Give prisoners internet access to cut reoffending, says report’ (E&T).


Marseille News, ‘La justice pénale face à un risque “ critique ” alors que les tribunaux atteignaient le point de rupture – Inspecteurs‘ (MN).

Michael McHugh, ‘7.5% of prisoners released due to Covid-19 have allegedly reoffended – minister’ (The Belfast Telegraph).

Scott McNab, ‘Human rights watchdog raises Covid concerns over Scottish prisons’ (The Scotsman).

India McTaggart, ‘Newcastle becomes first city to vaccinate all care home residents’ (The Telegraph).

John Messinger & Leo Beletsky, ‘Forced addiction treatment could be death sentence during COVID-19’ (CommonWealth). 

MJTV, ‘MDOC: Mississippi prisoners are among the safest from COVID-19’ (MJTV).

Camilo Montoya-Galvez, ‘Questions surround COVID-19 vaccine timeline for immigrants in ICE custody’ (CBS News).

Sidewalk Reassurance – Travis Wise (2020).

Sabine Niclot-Baron, ‘Brest. La prison pour ne pas avoir respecté le confinement’ (Ouest France).

Cormac O’Keefe, ‘Cork Prison officer hospitalised after contracting Covid-19’ (Irish Examiner).

Noel Phillips, ‘COVID-19: ‘Public health emergency unfolding’ in prisons as coronavirus cases soar’ (Sky News).

Press TV, ‘Palestinian officials warn of Palestinians’ health in Israeli prisons amid COVID pandemic’ PTV).

Prison Policy Initiative, ‘U.S. Prisons Don’t Have To Stay This Crowded’ (PPI – Giving Compass).

Maggie Quinlan, ‘Prisoners’ families call for meeting with head of corrections agency amid COVID-19 outbreaks’ (The Spokesman Review).

RJB, ‘Mesures plus strictes dans les prisons bernoises’ (RJB).

Megan Russo, ‘Reducing COVID-19 Behind Bars’ (The Regulatory Review).

Qais Abua Samra, ‘Virus sickens 24 more Palestinian detainees in Israel’ (AA).

SCF, ‘Inmate recovering from COVID-19 imprisoned again despite temporary suspension of sentence’ (SCF).

Jessica Schulberg, ‘Delaying Vaccines For America’s Prison Population Will Make The Pandemic Worse’ (Huff Post).

Melissa Segura, ‘How Do You Social Distance In Prison? You Don’t. You Get COVID’ (BuzzFeed News).

Michael Steward, ‘Video calls help prisoners maintain family contact during Covid-19 pandemic’ (East Anglia Daily Times).

The Davis Vanguard, ‘Over Four Thousand Active Cases Reported Across CDCR – Breaking Down COVID-19 in CDCR’ (TDV).

Karan Tripathi, ‘‘They don’t even look at us as humans. How can we expect them to protect us from the virus?’’ (The Justice Gap).

Various, ‘Epidemiology of Coronavirus Disease 2019 in US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Detention Facilities’ (The JAMA Network).

Stephen Walker, ‘Covid-19: Naomi Long says some early release prisoners back in custody’ (BBC News).

Conrad Wilson, ‘Deadly Weekend for COVID-19 Inside Oregon’s Prisons’ (KLCC).

Conrad Wilson, ‘In lawsuit, Oregon inmates ask for immediate access to COVID-19 vaccine’ (OPB).

WVTM, ‘Alabama’s prison system sees 1,200+ cases of COVID-19 among inmate population’ (WVTM).

Week 11-17 January 2021

M.M. Alam, ‘Pakistan and USA Partner to Prevent COVID-19 in Prisons’ (Pakistan News TV).

Aljazeera, ‘Israel to start vaccinating prisoners, including Palestinians’ (Aljazeera).

Yvette Allen, ‘My Brother Was Condemned to Death—Then He Was Condemned to Covid-19’ (The Nation).

Asharq Al-Awsat, ‘5 Rights Groups Urge Israel to Inoculate Palestinian Prisoners against COVID-19’ (AA).

AP, ‘3 inmates die, many more ill in COVID-19 prison outbreaks’ (AP).

AP, ‘Federal prisons on lockdown in run-up to Biden inauguration’ (AP – WBRZ2).

Jocelyn Bargain, ‘Prison de l’île de Ré : 12 cas positifs au Covid, aucun détenu concerné’ (Sud Ouest).

BBC News, ‘Covid-19: Care workers can receive vaccine this week’ (BBC News).

BBC News, ‘HMP Risley inmates locked up for up to 28 hours, report finds’ (BBC News).

Randy Bennett, ‘Quarter of prison inmates have COVID-19 – Ministry of Health’ (Barbados Today).

Miriam Berger, ‘Prisons are covid hot spots. But few countries are prioritizing vaccines for inmates’ (The Washington Post)

S. Birruntha, ‘Immediate reform of prisons, detention centres vital to curb Covid-19’ (The Malaysia Reserve).

Christopher Blackwell, ‘Here’s The Truth You Aren’t Hearing About The COVID-19 Crisis Ravaging My Prison’ (The Huff Post).

Liz Brazile, ‘Attorneys unable to reach Covid-positive inmates at SeaTac prison’ (KUOW).

Keep your distance – Peter Wittwer (2020).

Will Callan, ‘So far, long-term care staff more hesitant about COVID-19 vaccine than residents‘ (Michigan Radio).

Madeleine Carlisle, ‘Amid Large Scale Outbreak on Death Row, Federal Judge Halts Trump Administration Executions Over COVID-19 Concerns’ (Time).

Greer Fay Cashman, ‘Prisoners to begin receiving COVID-19 vaccines next week’ (The Jerusalem Post).

Steve Craddock, ‘Call to close courts and make HMP Berwyn an ‘island’ to tackle prison covid cases’ (The Leader).

Hannah Critchfield, ‘COVID vaccines will come for NC prison staff first, then inmates’ (North Carolina Health News).

Magdalene Dalziel, ‘Phil Spector dead after being rushed to hospital from prison with Covid-19’ (The Daily Record).

Daniel Estrin, ‘Israel To Start Vaccinating Palestinian Prisoners Next Week’ (NPR).

Jacey Fortin, ‘Losing a Loved One Twice: First to Prison, Then to Covid’ (The New York Times).

FR24 News, ‘Brixton Prison – New restrictions implemented after Covid-19 outbreak’ (FR24 News).

Henry Gass, ‘Why protecting prisons from COVID-19 is everyone’s problem’ (Christian Science Monitor).

Jamie Grierson, ‘Covid deaths in prisons in England and Wales rise by 50% in a month’ (The Guardian).

Greg Haas, ‘Nevada prison deaths at 36 inmates, 3 staffers as COVID-19 spread continues’ (8News Now).

David Hannant, ‘Prison inmate with Covid-19 died in hospital, inquest hears’ (Eastern Daily Press).

Tyler Hicks, ‘Is This the Last Place in America People Will Get Vaccines?’ (The Daily Beast).

Simnikiwe Hlatshaneni, ‘Prisoners welcome their prime position in Covid-19 vaccine queue’ (The Citizen).

HM Inspectorate of Prisons, HMP Risley – well led but severe lock up during COVID-19 a serious concern.

HM Inspectorate of Prisons, Update to HMI Prisons’ scrutiny visits methodology.

Inside Time, ‘Two more prison officers die with coronavirus’ (IT).

Irish Legal News, ‘First case of Covid-19 in female prisoner population confirmed’ (ILN).

Islam Times, ‘Number Of Palestinian Prisoners with COVID-19 Increases Again’ (IT).

Six feet – Gig Posters for Scientists (2020).

KBS, ‘COVID-19 : des mises en liberté anticipée pour réduire la contamination dans les prisons’ (KBS).

Gabriel Keaveny, ‘Prison officers on why staff should be prioritised for Covid-19 vaccine after heroic efforts through pandemic‘ (The Irish Sun).

Lynda Kiernan, ‘Covid-19 outbreak in Portlaoise Prison’ (The Leinster Express).

Katrina King, ‘Positive COVID-19 cases at HMP Dodds declining’ (Loop).

KRQE, ‘COVID-19 wastewater surveillance program prevents outbreaks at juvenile detention centers’ (KRQE).


LNW, ‘Covid-19: Prison cluster climbs up. 17 new infections found’ (LNW).

Elise Martin, ‘”Si le virus entre, ça peut devenir incontrôlable!” Un surveillant de prison raconte l’angoisse de la Covid-19 derrière les barreaux’ (Nice Matin).

Christina Maxouris, ‘Jails and prisons were hit hard by Covid-19 and experts say they need to be prioritized for the vaccines’ (CNN).

Michael McHugh, ‘THREE PRISONERS TEST POSITIVE FOR COVID-19’ (Roscommon Herald).

Samantha Melamed, ‘Federal judge: Philly jails must relax extreme COVID-19 lockdown measures for sake of mental health’ (The Inquirer).

MEMO, ‘Israel is weaponising the Covid-19 vaccine against the Palestinians’ (MEMO).

I love the NHS – duncan c (2020).

Priyanka Navani, ‘Two Jordanians infected with COVID-19 in Israeli Occupation prison’ (Roya News).

Thiebeu Ndlaye, ‘Hausse des cas de Covid-19 : Les visites suspendues jusqu’à nouvel ordre dans les prisons’ (Seneweb),

OHCHR, ‘Disgraceful’ Guantánamo Bay detention facility must be closed now, say UN experts.

Kate Paradine, ‘Why prisons must get priority for Covid vaccine’ (Huck).


Awad Rajoub, ‘7 more Palestinians catch COVID-19 in Israeli prisons’ (AA).

Jenny Rees, ‘Covid: Courts firebreak call for non-custody cases‘ (BBC News).

Scottish Human Rights Commission, Letter to Cabinet Secretary for Justice: COVID-19 and prisons.

Sud Ouest, ‘En prison, des parloirs anti-Covid qui isolent encore plus les détenus’ (SO).

The Crime Report, ‘Beating COVID-19 in Prison Seen as Crucial to Ending Pandemic’ (TCR).

The Hindu, ‘Vellore prisoners meet families after 10 months’ (The Hindu).

Jessica Thompson, ‘Prisoners not produced for court in Longford due to Covid-19 outbreaks in Irish Prisons’ (The Longford Leader).

Lex Treinen, ‘Over 40% of Alaska’s prisoners have contracted COVID-19’ (KTOO).

Various, ‘The US Must Prioritize Vaccine Distribution To Undocumented Immigrants And Immigrants In Detention Centers’ (Health Affairs).

Various, ‘ICE must provide Covid-19 vaccines to all detained migrants’ (Stat News).

WVTM13, ‘Alabama’s prison system sees 1,200+ cases of COVID-19 among inmate population’ (WVTN13).

Yacine, ‘Covid-19: Les visites dans les prisons suspendues !’ (Keppar).

Yonhap, ‘Seoul detention center reports 7 more COVID-19 cases, 5 of them among female’ (The Korea Herald).

Yonhap, ‘Prisons enhance measures to contain spread of COVID-19’ (Yonhap).

Week 4-10 January 2021

Eric Allison, ‘Prisoners’ lives are being put at risk by officers not wearing face masks’ (The Guardian).

Brian Anderson, ‘N.C. mulls incentives for prison inmates who get vaccinated’ (KFOX14).

AP, ’13th inmate dies of COVID-19 as virus hits prisons hard’ (AP – Kansas City Star).

Jocelyn Bargain, ‘Prison de l’île de Ré : cinq membres du personnel testés positifs au Covid-19’ (Sud Ouest).

Warren Barnsley, ‘Brisbane youth detention centre worker reportedly tests postive for coronavirus’ (7 News).

Samone Blair, ‘Elkton prison in Columbiana Co. getting first batch of COVID-19 vaccines Monday’ (WKBN).

Emmanual Bounin, ‘Covid-19 : les agents de la prison de Dunkerque testés après la suspicion de la nouvelle souche britannique‘ (france bleu).

Jordan Bowen, ‘Florida yet to present plan for prison inmates, guards, despite high-risk status’ (Fox13).

WFH – Travis Wise (2020).

Mike Carter, ‘Hard justice gives way to compassion as federal courts move to release Western Washington inmates vulnerable to COVID-19’ (The Seattle Times).

Hajer Cherni, ’17 détenus palestiniens testés positifs au coronavirus dans les prisons israéliennes’ (AA).

China Daily, ‘Prisons shut down as COVID-19 sickens guards’ (CD).

CPI, ’13 nouveaux cas de Coronavirus parmi les détenus de la prison du Néguev’ (CPI).

Steve Craddock, ‘Precautionary covid-19 measures at HMP Berwyn after positive cases’ (The Leader).

Daily Hind News, ‘South Korea will test every prisoner in the country for Covid-19’ (DHN).

Daily Sabah, ‘Israel’s decision to deny coronavirus vaccine to Palestinian prisoners prompts outrage’ (DS).

Michele Deitch, ‘Correcting Corrections: Lessons for Prisons and Jails in a Post-COVID World’ (Government Executive).

Brian Dollinar, ‘COVID-19: Coming to a Jail Near You’ (Progressive).

EMHRM, ‘“I wished to die”: New report documenting the suffering of prisoners in Houthi prisons’ (EMHRM).

Sara Flounders, ‘Hunger strikes at three New Jersey prisons’ (Workers World).

Remi Foulon, ‘Dunkerque : la prison testée après la suspicion de la nouvelle souche Covid anglaise’ (Le Phare dunkerquois).

Ken Foy, ‘Five inmates test positive for Covid-19 in Loughan House open prison’ (Irish Independent).

Tyler Hicks, ‘Women in Dallas County Jail Say They Endured Nearly Two Weeks Without Clean Clothes’ (Dallas Observer).

HM Inspectorate of Prisons, HMP Peterborough male prison – slow progress in easing COVID-19 restrictions.

Sydney Hoover, ‘Kansas seniors move up in COVID-19 vaccination order after complaints about priorities’ (The Wichita Eagle).

Independent, ‘Block of Mountjoy Prison closed down after prisoner tests positive for Covid-19’ (Independent – Head Topics).

Playground – Travis Wise (2020).

Do Je-hae, ‘Mass infection at detention center leads to political wrangling over Moon’s responsibility’ (Korea Times).

Koh Jung Min, ‘Cluster infection reveals problem in health environment for inmates’ (Korea Biomedical Review).

Kristen Johnson, ‘Families, ACLU Push to Prioritize Prisoners on Vaccine Short List’ (NBC CT).

Gergana Krasteva, ‘Oxford University says prisoners should be first get Covid jab’ (Oxford Mail).

Prawesh Lama, ‘Seven inmates at Mandoli women’s prison test positive for Covid-19’ (The Hindustan Times).


Le Figaro, ‘Un surveillant de prison décédé du Covid-19 reçoit la Légion d’honneur’ (LF).

Le Phare de Rhe, ‘Le personnel de la prison touché par la Covid-19’ (LPDR).

Loop, ‘The Latest: Barbados records 194 COVID-19 cases in 2 days’ (Loop).

Kris Maher, ‘As Covid-19 Surges in Jails, Guards Want Vaccine Early’ (The Wall Street Journal).

Marseille News, ‘Six prisonniers meurent de Covid-19 à New York’ (MN).

Rafi Mauro-Benady, ‘Some Wandsworth prison staff accused of smuggling and ignoring Covid-19 protocols’ (London News Online).

David McPhee, ‘Covid-19 cluster identified at HM Prison Inverness’ (The Press and Journal).

MEMO, ‘Egypt denies allegations of covid outbreak in prisons’ (MEMO).

NL Times, ‘Lift ban on face masks for prisoners, lawyers say after Covid outbreaks’ (NL Times).

Northern Ireland Government, NI Prison Service confirms first female Covid-19 case.

Covid-19 pop-up cycle lane – duncan c (2020).

Ouest France, ‘Loiret. La Légion d’honneur pour le premier surveillant de prison mort du Covid-19’ (OF).

PNN, ’44 cases of COVID-19 among prisoners in Negev prison’ (PNN).

Sorcha Pollak, ‘Five inmates test positive for Covid-19 at Loughan House in Co Cavan’ (The Irish Times).

Reuters, ‘South Korea rolls out mass Covid-19 testing for 70,000 prisoners and staff’ (Reuters – Straits Times).

Rue89Lyon, ‘Mon Noël en prison, au temps de la Covid-19’ (Rue89Lyon).

SCF, ‘Gross human rights violations continue in Turkish prisons, says report’ (SCF).

The Times of Israel. ‘Human rights groups petition High Court to force Israel to vaccinate inmates’ (TTOI).

The Tribune India, ‘Delhi prison department asks 3600 staff to enrol for COVID-19 vaccine shot’ (TTI).

Melissa Sweet & Megan Williams, ‘At a time of pandemic threat, where is the national leadership on prisons?’ (Croakey).

Various, ‘End the silence about what Covid-19 is doing to America’s prisons’ (CNN).

Workers World, ‘Advocates demand action as largest women’s prison experiences COVID-19 outbreak’ (WW).

WRAL, ‘With windows nailed shut for winter, prison inmates worry over COVID, fresh air’ (WRAL).

YONHAP, ‘One more inmate dies of COVID-19, total grows to 3’ (YONHAP).

Week 28 December 2020 – 3 January 2021

AA, ‘Shtayyeh dénonce une décision israélienne privant les détenus palestiniens du vaccin anti-Covid’ (AA).

Aljazeera, ‘Israel shuts down Ramon prison due to COVID infections’ (Aljazeera).

AP, ‘Fifth Alaska inmate dies with COVID-19 during pandemic‘ (AP – Toronto Star).

AP, ‘China sentences lawyer who reported on outbreak to 4 years’ (AP – CTV News).

BBC News, ‘Covid in prison: ‘We should be treated like humans” (BBC News).

Belga, ‘Touchées par la Covid-19, des prisons ferment aux États-Unis contre l’avis des experts’ (Belga – 7 sur 7).


Anirban Bhaumik, ‘Delhi asks Islamabad to protect Indians in its jails from Covid-19’ (Deccan Herald).

Kristen Cabrera & Alexandra Hart, ‘Prison Transfers May Be Leading To COVID-19 Outbreaks Behind Bars’ (Texas Standard).

Madeleine Carlisle & Joshia Bates, ‘With Over 275,000 Infections and 1,700 Deaths, COVID-19 Has Devastated the U.S. Prison and Jail Population’ (Time).

Ron Chang, ‘PM Chung Apologizes For Massive COVID-19 Outbreak At Seoul Prison’ (TBS).

129a Walk, Baltimore – Elvert Barnes (2020).

Ron Chang, ‘Virus Caseload At Dongbu Detention Center Nears 800’ (TBS).

Abene Clayton, ‘‘People are terrified’: a coronavirus surge across California’s prisons renews calls for releases’ (The Guardian).

CP, ‘Asia Today: Tokyo residents urged to ‘stay home’ with family’ (CP – Tricity News).

Democracy Now, ‘COVID-19 Ravages U.S. Prisons; Cases Four Times Higher Among Prisoners’ (DM).

DW, ‘COVID-denying Russian monk detained by police’ (DW).

Remi Foulon, ‘Dunkerque : deux nouveaux cas Covid à la prison, dont une suspicion de la nouvelle souche anglaise’ (Chasseurs d’Infos).

FR24 News, ‘«Les gens sont terrifiés»: une flambée de coronavirus dans les prisons californiennes renouvelle les appels à la libération‘ (FR24 News).

FR24 News, ‘New York suspend les visites dans les prisons d’État au milieu des épidémies de COVID’ (FR24 News).

Eric Greene, ‘Push To Release Prison Inmates In MA Amid Pandemic’ (WUPE).

Steven Heaney, ‘Covid-19 outbreak reported among staff at Dublin prison’ (Irish Examiner).

IRAN HRM, Inmate dies of Covid-19 in Central Prison of Urmia.

Umer Jamshaid, ‘Inmates Infected With COVID-19 At Seoul Detention Center Transferred To Prison In Southeastern Region’ (Urdu Point).

Leonie Kijewski, ‘South-East Asia’s wars on drugs leave lives at risk amid Covid-19’ (DPA International).

Daoud Kuttab, ‘Calls to release Jordanian journalist detained over COVID-19 article’ (Arab News).

Pierre-Antoine Lefort, ‘Loiret : le premier surveillant de prison mort du Covid-19 en France reçoit la Légion d’honneur’ (france bleu).


Ann E. Marimow, ‘Sick, elderly prisoners are at risk for covid-19. A new D.C. law makes it easier for them to seek early release’ (The Washington Post).

Marseille News, ‘Doit-on donner la priorité aux prisonniers en matière de vaccination contre le coronavirus?’ (MN).

Middle East Eye, ‘Un ministre israélien ordonne aux prisons de ne pas vacciner les prisonniers de sécurité palestiniens’ (MEE).

Stay Strong World – Travis Wise (2020).

Allison Sherry, ‘As Gov. Polis And Prisoner Advocates Tangle In Court, An Inmate Describes Dire Conditions Inside’ (CPR News).

Anagha Srikanth, ‘Massive COVID-19 spike of 38,000 California prisoners sparks calls for early releases’ (The Hill).

St. Lucia Times, ‘Barbados Confirms 161 Cases Of COVID-19 At Dodds Prison’ (SLT).

Ron Synovitz, ‘COVID-19 Crackdowns, Expanded Authoritarianism, And The Post-Pandemic World’ (RFE/RL).

Taghrib News, ‘Israeli minister excludes Palestinian inmates from COVID-19 vaccination program’ (TN).

Tamil Guardian, ‘Jaffna protestors demand release of Tamil political prisoners amid positive COVID-19 cases‘ (TG).

The Crime Report, ‘Some Prisons, Local Jails Close Amid COVID-19 Spread’ (TCR).

Joe Thomas, ”Special measures’ in place amid Covid-19 outbreak on wing at Walton jail’ (Liverpool Echo).

UN News, The virus that shut down the world: The plight of refugees and migrants.

Various, ‘States Are Shutting Down Prisons as Guards are Crippled By Covid-19’ (NY Times).

Simon Van Vliet, ‘Covid-19: La pandémie à la prison de Bordeaux – Milieu fermé’ (Journal des Voisins).

WAFA, ‘Rights groups to High Court: Palestinian prisoners must have phone contact with their families during COVID-19’ (WAFA).

Andrew Welsh Huggins, ‘Covid 19 coronavirus: Death row prisoner survives execution, succumbs to virus’ (AP – NZ Herald).


Tess Williams, ‘Nearly every inmate in Alaska’s largest prison has now had COVID-19, officials say’ (Anchorage Daily News).

WNYC News, ‘Sick And Dying In Prison While Covid Looms: Prisoners Ask For Medical Parole But Rarely Get Released’ (WNYC News).

Yonhap, ‘COVID-19 cases tied to Seoul prison reach 762, 1 inmate dies during treatment’ (The Korea Herald).

Yonhap, ‘Justice minister vows to reduce overcrowding at detention center with mass COVID-19 outbreak’ (Yonhap).

Yonhap, ‘Coronavirus : 121 nouveaux cas rapportés dans une prison de Séoul’ (Yonhap).

Yonhap, ‘121 more COVID-19 cases reported at Seoul prison’ (Yonhap – Korea Herald).

Week 21 – 27 December 2020

AP, ‘Power out at Oregon prison amid COVID-19 outbreak’ (AP _Tri-City Herald).

AP, ‘COVID-19 vaccinations begin at California prison medical site’ (AP -ABC News).

Mardin Arvin, ‘This is my eighth Christmas locked up in immigration detention. Next year I hope to celebrate as a free man’ (The Guardian).

Cary Aspinwall, ‘COVID-19 spikes follow in prisons after inmate transfers’ (ABC News).

Warren Barnsley, ‘Brisbane youth detention centre worker reportedly tests postive for coronavirus’ (7News).

Borneo Post, ‘Covid-19: Prisons Dept uses two SOPs to prevent infection among prison community’ (BP).

Oralandar Brand-Williams, ‘COVID-19 death toll among Michigan inmates tops 100’ (The Detroit News).

BX1, ‘Forest : une cinquantaine de personnes devant la prison pour dénoncer la vie des détenus et de leurs proches’ (BX1).

Coronavirus – Daniele Marzocchi (2020).

Colorado Public Radio, ‘“Of course it feels unsafe”: Colorado prisons face staffing crisis as scores of guards, inmates catch coronavirus’ (CPR – Colorado Sun).

CP24, ‘Detained Belarus protesters say they caught COVID-19 in crowded prison cells’ (CP24).

DPIC, Federal Prisoners Facing Execution Contract COVID-19 in Outbreak Spread by Prior Executions.

FR24 News, ‘Plus de détenus testés positifs au COVID-19 lors d’une épidémie en cours à la prison du comté de Davis’ (FR24 News).

Christy Gutowski, ‘COVID-19 cases and deaths are surging again in Illinois prisons, as inmates and advocates call for more action’ (Chicago Tribune).

ICRC, Lebanon : COVID-19 Response, December 2020.

KBS World, ‘COVID-19 Patients at Seoul Detention Center to Move to Cheongsong Prison’ (KBS World).

Nadine Kronfli & Matthew J. Akiyama, Prioritizing incarcerated populations for COVID-19 vaccination and vaccine trials (The Lancet).

Victoria Law, ‘States Say They’re Decarcerating, Yet 1 in 5 Prisoners Has Had COVID’ (Truth Out).

Conor McCormick-Cavanagh, ‘Prison Inmates Suing Polis Administration Over COVID-19 Threat’ (West World).

Camilo Montoya-Galvez, ‘ICE arrests and deportations dropped sharply in 2020, largely due to the pandemic’ (CBS News).

Kate Morriseey, ‘Wrongful death lawsuit filed by family of first person to die from COVID-19 in immigration custody’ (The San Diego Union Tribune –

Ouest-France, ‘Covid-19. Prison de Condé : 23 cas positifs et des résultats qui arrivent au compte-gouttes’ (OF).

Walter Pavlo, ‘Federal Bureau Of Prisons Starts Vaccination Of Staff, Inmates Soon Thereafter’ (Forbes).

Maggie Quinlan, ‘70% of Airway Heights prison is COVID-19-positive’ (The Spokesman-Review).

Chetanya Robinson, ‘COVID fears prompt hunger strike at ICE Detention Center’ (Real Change).

RTS, ‘Le coronavirus a mis en lumière des problèmes déjà connus dans les prisons’ (RTS).

RTS, ‘La pandémie de Covid-19 a aussi perturbé le monde des prisons’ (RTS).

COVID – Travis Wise (2020).

Jennifer Scherer, ‘How Australia’s prison chaplains have helped inmates cope with the isolation of COVID-19’ (SBS).

SCF, 42 inmates test positive for COVID-19 in Turkey’s Düzce Prison as cases soar.

Scott Shackford, ‘Study: Prison COVID-19 Spread Led to Hundreds of Thousands of Community Infections’ (Reason).

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Week 14 – 20 December 2020

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