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Your Smile Is Contagious – Travis Wise (2020).

7 June 2020

Rose Aguilar & Lea Ceasrine, ‘After Mass COVID Outbreaks At California’s Prisons, Advocates Call For Emergency Release Of Inmates’ (KALW).

ALM, ‘Contamination à la Covid-19 : Les précisions de la prison locale Tanger 1’ (Aujourd’hui – Le Maroc).

BBC News, ‘Coronavirus: Boris Johnson criticised over ‘cowardly’ care home comments’ (BBC News).

BFMTV, ‘Californie: le gouverneur annonce que 1388 détenus ont été testés positifs au Covid-19 dans la plus grande prison de l’État’ (BFMTV).

Megan Ford, ‘Community matrons provide Covid-19 support to care home staff’ (Nursing Times).

FR24 News, ‘Épidémie de coronavirus de la prison d’État de San Quentin, telle que vécue par un détenu incarcéré là-bas’ (FR24 News).

Jodie Mccullough, ‘He was supposed to be in prison less than a year. Instead, he died after catching the coronavirus’ (Texas Tribune – Click2Houston).

Red Eye Radio, ‘California prisons replace their top medical officer amid a coronavirus outbreak’ (RER).

Sikha Salaria, ‘Four inmates at Luksar, Dasna test Covid-19 positive’ (Times of India).

Slate, ‘What Next: How California Created Its Newest COVID Hotspot’ (Slate).

The National, ‘Boris Johnson blasted after blaming care homes for Covid-19 deaths’ (TN).

Ingrid Torjesen, ‘Covid-19: One in 10 cases in England occurred in frontline health and social care staff’ (British Medical Journal).

Various, ‘Cities and states emptied jails to prevent infection. They should stay empty’ (The Washington Post).

6 June 2020

Ross Altmann, ‘The lesson of the Covid-19 care homes tragedy: renationalising is no longer taboo’ (The Guardian).

AP, ‘Egypt arrests doctors, silences critics over virus outbreak’ (AP – CBC News).

C.J. Ciaramella, ‘COVID-19 Pulls Back the Mask on America’s Prison System’ (Reason).

Laura Gottesdiener, ‘INSIGHT-Die in detention or at home? U.S. pandemic forces cruel choice on asylum seekers’ (Reuters).

Health Europa, ‘Regular COVID-19 testing in care homes to be rolled out this week‘ (HE).

Tom May, ‘Art project funds 100,000 meals for migrant workers‘ (Creative Boom).

Jon Robins, ‘Inmates at HMP Maidstone not received any contact since lockdown’ (The Justice Gap).

Tass, ‘Jailed Russian pilot may join lawsuit against prison authorities, lawyer says’ (Tass).

Mark Vandevelde, ‘US prisons in a hole as pandemic slows inmate flow’ (FT).

5 June 2020

BBC News, ‘First online service broadcast for prisoners and families’ (BBC News).

Michele Fukawa, ‘Criminal justice reform in the time of COVID’ (The Spokesman-Review).

Ali Jawad, ’31 inmates contract COVID-19 at Iraqi prison’ (AA).

Kings College London, Webinar: Defending Prisoners’ Rights during the Covid-19 Pandemic (15 July).

John Letzing, ‘How prison populations can be protected from Covid-19’ (The Print).

Michael Ollove, ‘How COVID-19 in jails and prisons threatens nearby communities’ (Pittsburgh Gazette).

Ruth Olurounbi, ‘Nigerian Security Response to Covid Is Deadlier Than the Disease’ (Bloomberg).

Outlook India, ‘Convict in 1984 anti-Sikh riots case dies of COVID-19’ (OI).

Turkish News, ’31 inmates contract COVID-19 at Iraqi prison’ (TN).

Conrad Wilson, ‘Thousands of inmates quarantined In Eastern Oregon prison in COVID-19 outbreak’ (Eastern Oregonian).

4 July 2020

AP, ‘Two dozen California State Prison inmates die of Covid-19; 40% infected till now’ (AP – Deccan Herald).

Jamie D. Aten, ‘The COVID-19 Burden of Disease on Refugees and Immigrants’ (Psychology Today).


Nasrul Ismail & Andrew Forrester, ‘The state of English prisons and the urgent need for reform’ (The Lancet).

Michael Ollove, ‘How COVID-19 in jails and prisons threatens nearby communities’ (Herald Review).

Ryan Sabaolw, ‘California severely short on firefighting crews after COVID-19 lockdown at prison camps’ (The Sacramento Bee).

Karn Pratap Singh, ‘Cases surge in Delhi jails, authorities come up with action plan’ (Hindustan Times).

Eric Westervelt, ‘COVID-19 Outbreak Devastates California’s San Quentin Prison’ (NPR).

Conrad Wilson, ‘Thousands Of Inmates Quarantined In Eastern Oregon Prison In COVID-19 Outbreak’ (OPB).

3 July 2020

CGLPL, Les droits fondamentaux des personnes privées de liberté à l’épreuve de la crise sanitaire.

Abene Clayton, ”Historic health screw-up’: what you need to know about the Covid-19 crisis in California prisons’ (The Guardian).

Oumar Fedior, ‘Sénégal: COVID-19 en prison – Les avocats de Habré demandent un aménagement de sa peine’ (All Africa).

Ross Gardiner, ‘‘Harrowing’ failings to combat coronavirus at Tayside care homes revealed’ (The Courier).

HM Inspectorate of Prisons, Men’s category C prisons during COVID-19 – local managers frustrated in efforts to ease regimes.

HM Inspectorate of Prisons, Category C prisons short scrutiny visits.

Ian Hughes, ‘Prisons inspectors concerned at prolonged pandemic restrictions on inmates at HMP Onley’ (The Leamington Observer).

Rogelio Mares, ‘U.S. District Judge orders migrant children released from detention centers’ (KGUN9).

NBC New York, ‘COVID-19 Response at NYC Lockup Lacked Common Sense, Judge Says’ (NBC).

Abigail O’Leary, ‘Coronavirus: Almost 20,000 people have died in care homes with Covid-19’ (The Mirror).


Sky News, ‘Coronavirus: Staff who move between care homes more likely to contract COVID-19’ (SN).

Sarah Turnnidge, ‘Almost 20,000 Care Home Residents Have Died With Covid-19’ (Huffpost).

Andrew Welsh-Huggins, ‘U.S. Prison Inmate Coronavirus Cases Soar Past 50,000’ (Time).

2 July 2020

ANI, ‘Maharashtra: Over 360 inmates, 100 jail staff test positive for COVID-19 so far’ (ANI).

AP, ‘US Signals It Will Resist Freeing Detained Migrant Families’ (Spectrum News).

Noha Elhennawy, ‘Report: Detainees at high virus risk in crowded Yemen jail’ (Toronto Star).

HRW, Yemen: Aden Detainees Face Dire Covid-19 Risk.

L’info, ‘Covid-19 : plus de 1 000 détenus positifs dans une prison californienne’ (L’info).

Philippine Daily Inquirer, ‘Face au Covid-19, les Philippines ont désengorgé les prisons surpeuplées’ (PDI – Courrier International).

Ike Swetlitz, ”Suddenly they started gassing us’: Cuban migrants tell of shocking attack at Ice prison’ (The Guardian).

The Nation, ‘Over 15,000 prisoners freed to decongest BJMP jails amid pandemic—DILG’ (TN).

Eoin Wilson, ‘Kidnapped by the state: Mexico’s political prisoners in the Covid-19 pandemic’ (The Ferret).

1 July 2020

APA News, ‘S/Africa: Over 4,000 inmates freed to prevent Covid-19 in prisons – Minister’ (APA News).

Corey Devon Arthur, ‘As an inmate, I had to educate an entire prison about coronavirus’ (Mic).

Scott Colom & Miriam Aroni Krinsky, ‘Tragedy of COVID-19 in prisons shows need for decarceration‘ (San Francisco Chronicle).

HRW, Bangladesh: Repeal Abusive Law Used in Crackdown on Critics.

Outlook India, ’15 inmates of Bengal prison test positive for COVID-19′ (OI).

PIAC, Ombudsman statement on COVID-19 risks in immigration detention: Department urged to reduce numbers.

Alisa Reznick, ”You Can Either Be A Survivor Or Die’: COVID-19 Cases Surge In ICE Detention’ (NPR).

Bonita Tenneriello, ‘Prisoners Are Brutalized In Many Ways. Don’t Leave Them Behind‘ (WBUR).

30 June 2020

Spencer Ackerman, ‘Detainees Say ICE Fired on Them During Coronavirus Protest’ (The Daily Beast).

AFP, ‘Les cas de COVID-19 explosent dans une prison californienne’ (AFP – La Presse).

AP, ‘Head of Arkansas prisons to retire amid virus outbreak’ (AP – Columbia Basin Herald).

Bainet, ‘‘My husband lives face to face with death’ (Bianet).


Natasha Haverty, ‘Move of older prisoners to Adirondack Correctional ignites fear, outrage among their families’ (NCPR).

Caresp Gameleira, ’77-year-old inmate dies of COVID-19; Minas prisons have 321 cases’ (web24).

Amy Goodman, ‘“Unmitigated Disaster”: Hunger Striker at Otay Mesa Detention Center Speaks Out as COVID-19 Spreads’ (Democracy Now).

Independent Eagle, ‘Covid-19 death rate in UK care homes 13 TIMES higher than in Germany‘ (IE).

David Remnick, ‘Keeping Released Prisoners Safe and Sane’ (WNYC Studios).

Fabio Teixeira, ‘In Brazil’s overcrowded jails, COVID-19 breeds fear and calls for change’ (The Dispatch).

The Local DK, ‘Denmark lifts visiting restrictions on elderly care homes’ (TLD).

The Press Democrat, ‘Thumbs down: State prisons fail coronavirus test’ (TPD).

United We Stay, US must release children from detention centers due to Covid-19, judge rules.

29 June 2020

AFP, ‘Plus de 40 cas de coronavirus dans une prison militaire surpeuplée‘ (AFP – VOA).

BBC News, ‘Coronavirus: Key workers spared jail for Isle of Man Covid-19 law breach’ (BBC News).

Bianet, ‘CİSST: Along with Covid-19, other outbreaks have also started in prisons’ (Bianet).

Abene Clayton, ‘San Quentin: Covid-19 cases at California prison surge to 1,000‘ (The Guardian).

Dabanga, ‘Police storm prison in eastern Sudan after Covid-19 protest’ (Dabanga).

Noah Feit, ‘COVID-19 cases confirmed at juvenile jails in Columbia, SC officials say’ (The State – MSN).

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Prisons, Open prisons short scrutiny visits.

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Prisons, Men’s open prisons during COVID-19 – frustration at continued suspension of release to work.

James Ives, ‘Les prisons de la Californie sont des germoirs de COVID en dépit des milliards dépensés sur la santé de détenu’ (Medical News).

Kaiser Health News, ‘Despite Billions Spent on Inmate Health, Prisons Are COVID Hotbeds in California’ (US News).

Dan Morain, ”Everything Was Preventable.’ Prisons’ Failure to Contain COVID-19 Is Bad for Public Health’ (KQED).

Observatoire International des Prisons, Dedans Dehors n°107 – juin 2020
La prison à l’épreuve du coronavirus.

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26 June 2020

Scott Bixby, ‘Lawyers Petition to Spring Asylum Seekers From Detention Amid Houston COVID Surge’ (The Daily Beast).

EEAS, Torture denies the dignity of human beings – nothing justifies inhuman treatment.

Garrett Hargan, ‘Number of COVID-19 deaths in Derry care homes still unknown‘ (Derry Now).

Health Europa, ‘UK study will involve repeat COVID-19 testing in UK care homes’ (HE).

John Leicester, ‘After waves of COVID deaths, care homes face legal reckoning’ (ABC News).

John Moritz, ‘Covid-19 resurface in prison dismays’ (Arkansas Democrat Gazette).

Newsbreak, ‘States are making it harder to sue nursing homes over COVID-19’ (NB).

OHCHR, COVID-19 exacerbates the risk of ill-treatment and torture worldwide – UN experts.

Ramadan al Sherbini, ‘COVID-19: Inmates manufacture face masks in Saudi prison‘ (World Gulf).

Bridie Witton, ‘Rimutaka Prison: Inmates still can’t hug family and children in ‘mind-boggling’ rule’ (Stuff).

25 June 2020


Marcia Brown, ‘Fighting to Release Prisoners From a COVID-19 Death Sentence’ (The American Prospect).

Jen Christensen, ‘States engaged in ‘gross negligence’ in Covid-19 response in jails and prisons, new report finds’ (CNN).

David Helps, ‘Covid-19 outbreaks at jails and prisons should make us rethink incarceration’ (Washington Post).

Le Journal du Coronavirus, ‘Experts en santé UC: l’épidémie de coronavirus de San Quentin pourrait menacer l’ensemble de la région de la baie’ (LJC).

John Letzing, ‘Outbreak or breakout? How to protect prison populations from COVID-19‘ (World Economic Forum).

Taylor Miller Thomas, ‘How U.S. Prisons Became Ground Zero for Covid-19’ (Politico).

Pen Canada, Turkey: Immediately Release Political Prisoners.

UNHRC, UN experts call for further and swifter measures to combat the spread of COVID-19, particularly in detention facilities in Yemen.

Emily Widra, ‘Failing Grades: States’ Responses to COVID-19 in Jails & Prisons’ (Prison Policy Initiative).

24 June 2020

Rebecca Boone, ‘U.S. Inmates ‘Mistakenly’ Received COVID-19 Stimulus Checks. Now, the IRS Wants That Money Back’ (Time).

CICR, Afghanistan : comment lutter contre le Covid-19 dans la plus grande prison du pays.

CSDHI, ‘Le personnel carcéral refuse de travailler à cause de la COVID-19’ (CSDHI).

Steve Ford, ‘Watch: Covid-19 in care homes and older people’ (Nursing Times).

HRW, Burundi: Fear, Repression in Covid-19 Response.

HRW, Burundi : Peur et répression dans la réponse au Covid-19.

Nosmot Gbadamosi, ‘The all-women law firm helping prisoners get justice in Nigeria‘ (Aljazeera).

Kaiya Gordon & Mia Santiago, ”I don’t deserve to die in here’: women in an Ohio prison fear Covid-19 will kill them’ (The Guardian).

ITV, ‘A Covid-19 test with 20-minute result ‘may allow care home visits” (ITV).

Jamaica Observer, ‘President pardons more than 400 ‘ordinary prisoners’ in Haiti’ (JO).

La Quotidienne, ‘Covid-19 Maroc : Les visites dans les établissements pénitentiaires reprennent le 13 juillet’ (LQ).

News Service of Florida, ‘State prison COVID-19 deaths up to 20’ (NSOF).

ONU Info, Covid-19 au Soudan du Sud : travailler ensemble pour mieux protéger les personnes vulnérables.

Palm Beach Post, ‘Coronavirus Florida: Editorial: If any place needs help with COVID-19, it’s our jails and prisons’ (PBP).

Ana Rodriguez, ‘Le massacre silencieux qui sévit dans les prisons brésiliennes’ (Atalayar).

Alpha Daffae Senkpeni, ‘Liberia: Calls to Decongest Prisons Over COVID-19 Raise Concerns of Rise in Crime’ (All Africa).

Arlana Shikongo, ‘Covid-19: Prisons try to keep virus out’ (The Namibian).

Various, ‘Inside the U.S.’s Largest Maximum-Security Prison, COVID-19 Raged. Outside, Officials Called Their Fight a Success’ (ProRepublica).

Various, COVID-19 in jails and prisons: A neglected infection in a marginalized population (ResearchGate).

23 June 2020

Ailbhe Coneely, ‘Prison Service outlines plans to resume family visits’ (RTE).

Fair Trials, Short Update: Fear mounts over the safety of prisoners in Egypt’s notorious Tora prison.

HRW, Detention of Unaccompanied Children in Greece.

LA Times, ‘Arizona reports more than 1,100 coronavirus cases behind bars’ (LA Times).

L’infodrome, ‘Lutte contre la covid-19, les actions de l’UE et des ONGs dans les prisons en Côte d’Ivoire’ (L’infodrome).

Nooman Merchant, ‘Isolated and afraid, detained migrant kids worry about virus’ (The Star).

Office of the Ombudsman New Zealand, OPCAT COVID-19 report
Report on inspections of prisons under the Crimes of Torture Act 1989.

Aie Balagtas See, ‘How Covid-19 Cases Exploded in Prisons: A Timeline’ (PCIJ – Daily Guardian).

Diana Shalhoub, ‘Kuwait records 1st coronavirus death among prisoners’ (AA).

Times24, ‘Prisoners Unite Against Covid-19 in Latin America’s Largest Prison’ (T24).

UNB, ‘Rohingya: Malaysia urged to end raids, detention amid COVID-19’ (UNB).

Various, ‘Masks, beers and 2m visits: life in a care home after a coronavirus outbreak – video’ (The Guardian).

Various, ‘COVID-19 pandemic exposes southern Europe’s nursing shortage’ (EDJN).

Various, Establishing prison-led contact tracing to prevent outbreaks
of COVID-19 in prisons in Ireland
(Journal of Public Health).

22 June 2020

BBC News, ‘Germany coronavirus: Extra police enforce German tower block quarantine’ (BBC News).

Rachael D’amore, ‘Her dad may be dying in an Egyptian prison. She says Trudeau’s response is ‘infuriating’’ (Global News).

Marie Gathon, ‘Prisons : “il est temps de se pencher sur le sort des familles des détenu.e.s”‘ (Le Vif).

Jean-Claude Gerez, ‘Les évêques argentins préoccupés par la situation dans les prisons’ (

Jack Haugh, ‘Families sue over Covid-19 deaths in Glasgow’s Almond Court care home’ (The Glasgow Times).

HM Inspectorate of Prisons, Prisons holding prisoners convicted of sexual offences short scrutiny visit.

HM Inspectorate of Prisons, Sex offender prisons during COVID-19 – effective early action against virus but severe restrictions remain.

MEMO, ‘Covid-19 continues to spread in UAE prisons’ (MEMO).

Ruth Michaelson, ‘‘It would spread quickly in those cells’: Covid-19 imperils packed Egypt prison’ (The Guardian).

Nuffield Trust, ‘Covid-19: how is it impacting on prisoners’ health?’ (NT).

RNZ, ”Not acceptable’ prisoners kept in cells without exercise under lockdown – Ombudsman’ (RNZ – Newshub).

Aie Balagtas See, ‘HIDDEN VICTIMS OF THE PANDEMIC: The Old Man, the Jail Aide, and the Convict’ (PCIJ).

Shanmughasundaram J, ‘Coronavirus in Tamil Nadu: Puzhal cluster contained, 40 prisoners and staff recover’ (Times of India).

Various, ‘COVID-19 in jails and prisons: A neglected infection in a marginalized population’ (PLOS).

Various, ‘Establishing prison-led contact tracing to prevent outbreaks of COVID-19 in prisons in Ireland‘ (Journal of Public Health).

21 June 2020

Daily Monitor, ‘Court orders Prisons to compensate Covid-19 suspects’ (DM).

Hindustan Times, ‘First Covid-19 death reported from Delhi prison, 28 inmates to be tested’ (HT).


Shane O’Brien, ‘Owner of Irish pub near LA faces jail time for opening on St. Patrick’s Day’ (Irish Central).

Kumar Sonu, ‘Delhi prison registers first Covid-19 death’ (India TV News).

UNICEF, Protecting South Sudanese Refugees from COVID-19.