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But for now, you will find below a selection of international coronavirus (COVID-19) related news articles and statements listed by weeks – the more recent first. Our aim is not to list everything (a mountain of information emerges everyday), just the more interesting items.

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Everyone Is In – Edmonton Public Schools (2012).

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After posting daily COVID-19-related prison updates for the first full year of the pandemic, we are taking a short break for a few weeks. Please join us again after Easter for more updates.

Hanging out during the pandemic – Lee Wooten (2020).

Week 8-14 March 2021

20 Minutes, ‘Pourquoi les troubles psychiatriques à l’entrée en prison sont un enjeu de santé publique’ (20 Minutes).

20 Minutes, ‘Coronavirus en Haute-Garonne : Un cluster à la prison de Muret, 41 cas du variant britannique déjà détectés’ (20 Minutes).


John Baker, ‘Two die after Covid outbreak at HMP Erlestoke’ (Swindon Advertiser).

Bangor Daily News, ‘Prisoners need COVID vaccine, now’ (BDN).

BBC News, ‘Rainsbrook: ‘Unacceptable failure’ at youth jail, minister says’ (BBC News).

BBC News, ‘Covid: Derbyshire Dales spike ‘linked to outbreak at HMP Sudbury” (BBC News).

Reuven Blau, ‘How the City Failed Three Men Who Died of COVID-19 in Jail: Watchdog’ (The City).

Jill Castellano & Mary Plummer, ‘County jail workers prioritized for vaccines while inmates have to wait’ (inewssource).

Nadia Chahed, ‘Les personnes incarcérées sont touchées de manière disproportionnée par la Covid-19 (expert de l’ONU)’ (AA).

Kemo Cham, ‘Sierra Leone bans watchdog over damning report on deadly prison riot’ (The East African).

Troy Closson & Jonah E. Bromwich, ‘‘A Ticking Time Bomb’: City Jails Are Crowded Again, Stoking Covid Fears’ (New York Times).

Luis Cordeiro‐Rodrigues, Injustice for the sake of public health: Freeing prisoners in Portugal during the COVID‐19 pandemic (Bioethics).

France Info, ‘Covid-19 : “Il devient impossible d’appliquer les mesures minimales de prévention”, alerte la contrôleuse générale des prisons’ (FI).

France Info, ‘Covid-19 : un cluster s’est déclaré à la prison de Muret’ (FI).

Connor Gallagher, ‘Prisoners to be vaccinated as one cohort in group 9 of rollout’ (The Irish Times).

Grantham Journal, ‘Covid-19 outbreak reported at Whatton prison near Grantham’ (GJ).

Covid fashion – Pascal Rey (2020).

Eli Hager, ‘Racial inequality in US youth detention wider than ever, experts say’ (The Guardian).

Eli Hager, ‘Many Juvenile Jails Are Now Almost Entirely Filled With Young People of Color’ (The Marshall Project).

Harry Howard, ‘Care homes resume indoor visits: Residents are able to hold hands with their loved ones from today – but visitors must wear PPE and hugging and kissing is still banned’ (The Daily Mail).

Jerry Iannelli, ‘Advocates Demand Miami-Dade Empty Jails During COVID-19 Outbreak’ (Miami New Times).

Saafa Kasraoui, ‘COVID-19: Morocco Launches Vaccination Campaign in Prison Near Rabat’ (MWN).

Hudson Kuteesa, ‘Inmates grateful as Covid-19 vaccination exercise is taken to prisons’ (The New Times).

Trevor Laffan, ‘Now we all know what jail is like, as we crave for freedom’ (Echo Live).

L’avenir, ‘Six nouveaux détenus positifs à la prison de Saint-Gilles’ (L’avenir).

LCI, ‘Cluster à la prison de la Santé : des familles de détenus en colère après de nouvelles mesures’ (LCI).

Making Contact, Part 1 of The Pandemic Inside: Covid 19 and Prisons (Podcast).

Jolie McCullough, ‘Texas lifts yearlong ban on prison visitation beginning March 15’ (The Texas Tribune).

NBC Philadelphia, ‘Delaware Prisons Allowing Visitors Again’ (NBC).

NYOOOZ, ‘Over 85% staff of Delhi prisons received COVID-19 vaccine shots: Officials’ (NYOOOZ).

Wear a mask – Adafruit Industries (2020).

ONU Info, Les personnes incarcérées sont touchées de manière disproportionnée par la pandémie de Covid-19 (expert).

Betsy Piette, ‘Mumia has COVID-19 – the only treatment is his freedom!’ (Workers World).

Rachel Polansky & Phil Trexler, ‘3News Investigates Exclusive: Emails reveal no existing plans to fight COVID-19 inside jails, prisons’ (WKYC).

Reuters, ‘U.S. jail population plunged as COVID-19 spread, Justice Department says’ (Reuters).

RT, ‘Prisoners not prioritised for Covid-19 jabs, says justice secretary, despite series of dangerous outbreaks in UK prisons’ (RT).

Abby Sewell, ‘‘What is this place?’ Syrians recall life and death in prison’ (Aljazeera).

UN news, Impact of COVID-19 ‘heavily felt’ by prisoners globally: UN expert.

US Department of Justice, Media Advisory: BJS TO RELEASE REPORTS ON JAIL INMATES; COVID-19.

Wes Venteicher & Jason Pohl, ‘1 in 4 California prison employees got COVID-19. Inmates have herd immunity at 7 sites’ (Herald Mail Media).

Vera Institute, Unseen and Unheard: Art and Writing from Inside Prison Walls during COVID-19.

World Justice Project, Making Justice: Judiciary Response for COVID-19.

WVTM13, ‘Alabama’s prison system sees 1,500+ cases of COVID-19 among inmate population’ (WVTM13).

Week 1-7 March 2021

3-hauts-de-france, ‘Covid-19 : la prison de Lille Sequedin déclarée cluster suite à plusieurs cas positifs parmi les agents pénitentiaires’ (3hdf).

20Minutes, ‘Coronavirus en Belgique : La prison de Namur placée en quarantaine, les détenus confinés dans leur cellule’ (20Minutes).

AFP, ‘La population carcérale en hausse avec 63.802 détenus au 1er février’ (La Croix).

American Friends Select Committee, Tell public officials: Protect people in prisons, jails, and detention centers from COVID-19!

AP, ‘Alaska Black Caucus fights visitation ban at prisons’ (AP – Madison).

AP, ‘Tennessee panel deemed vaccinating inmates a ‘PR nightmare’’ (Welland Tribune).

Baltimore Sun, ‘COVID-19 crisis in jails underscores issues with mass incarceration | COMMENTARY’ (BS).

BBC News, ‘Covid: Two HMP Risley inmates die after outbreak’ (BBC News).

BBC News, ‘Covid-19: HMP Lowdham Grange praised for handling of outbreak’ (BBC News).

Belga, ‘Coronavirus: la police en renfort à la prison de Namur’ (Belga – Le Soir).

Belga, ‘La pandémie de Covid-19 a provoqué une année de crise des droits humains’ (Belga – L’avenir).

Belga, ‘La flambée des cas de Covid-19 se poursuit à la prison de Hasselt: 45 nouvelles contaminations’ (Belga – DH Sports).

Sam Blanchard, ‘Eight out of 10 Covid hotspots in England are areas with PRISON outbreaks, data shows as experts warn ‘close confines’ make the coronavirus near impossible to control’ (Daily Mail).

Pandemic signs – Lee Wooten (2020).

Capradio, ‘How COVID-19 Has Impacted California Corrections / The Push To Stop Deportations, Prison Transfers To ICE / CDCR Reforms And Status Of State Private Prisons’ (Insight – Capradio).

Kevin Dayton, ‘Death Behind Bars: In Hawaii, The Death Of A Prisoner Is Often A Closely Held Secret’ (Civil Beat).

Gordon Deegan, ‘Irish Prison Service spends almost €100,000 on Sky and Netflix subscriptions for inmates’ (Irish Independent).

Defender Services Office, Prisoners Face Severe COVID Risks Without Federal Vaccine Priority.

Adam Everett, ‘Two prisoners dead after Covid-19 outbreak at HMP Risley’ (Bury Times).

Marisa Fernandez, ‘Most states aren’t prioritizing prisons for COVID vaccines’ (Axios).

Thomas Fovet & Pierre Thomas, ‘Troubles psychiatriques à l’entrée en prison : un enjeu de santé publique’ (The Conversation).

Kenneth Fox, ‘Drop of 8% in Irish prison population since Covid pandemic hit’ (Breaking news).

Cedric Gout, ‘La prison de Sequedin classée cluster avec dix cas de Covid chez le personnel’ (La Voix du Nord).

HM Inspectorate of Prisons, Scrutiny visits – March Update.

HM Inspectorate of Prisons, HMP Lowdham Grange – well led and dealt with serious COVID-19 outbreak.

HRW, Future Choices – Charting an Equitable Exit from the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Cognitive Dissonance – Sharon Brogan (2020).

Sumeyya Ilanbey, ‘‘Inhuman’: Mandatory quarantine for prisoners to be extended into next year’ (The Sydney Morning Herald).

Inside Time, ‘Prisoners’ COVID deaths ‘failings’: PPO report’ (IT).

Noah Lanard, ‘“You’re Doing Nothing”: Judge Slams ICE for Failing to Vaccinate Detainees’ (Mother Jones).

Nicole Lewis, ‘How Prisoners Feel About Getting Vaccinated’ (Slate).

Dave Lindorff, ‘Mumia Abu-Jamal, Now in His 40th Year as an Incarcerated Prisoner, Has Covid-19’ (Counterpunch).

Aaron Moselle, ‘Mumia Abu-Jamal supporters say he has COVID, call on Pa. to release all vulnerable incarcerated people’ (WHYY).

Nadine Naber, ‘Vaccines Aren’t Enough to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 in Prisons’ (Ms. Magazine).

NDTV, ‘Over 85% Staff Of Delhi Prisons Received COVID-19 Vaccine Shots: Officials’ (NDTV).

Arron Nyamayaro, ‘Six prison officers succumb to Covid-19’ (Nehanda Radio).

 Griffin Ondo Nzuey, ‘Gabon : les prisonniers privés de visites depuis près d’un an à cause du Covid-19’ (Gabon Review).

Emily Rasmussen, ‘More than 40% of California prisoners, employees vaccinated for COVID-19’ (LA Daily News).

Sofia Schmidt, ‘In-person visits in Delaware prisons to restart amid low case counts’ (DPM).

SF Chronicle, ‘Vermont has its largest prison outbreak; 100 inmate, 8 staff’ (SFC).

Swansea University, The impact of lockdown when you’re already locked up (SU- Eureka Alert).

Please shop alone – duncan c (2020).

The Crime Report, ‘Vaccination Plans for Inmates Stalled by Distrust, Red Tape’ (TCR).

Abraham Thomas, ‘Supreme Court ends bail of over 2,000 prisoners given on Covid-19 ground’ (Hindustan Times).

James Thompson, ‘City jails deliberately misdiagnosing COVID-19: suit’ (Report Door).

Olivia Tobin, ‘Walton inmate ‘hasn’t showered in days’ as jail remains in lockdown after covid outbreak’ (Liverpool Echo).


UN News, ‘Bangladesh: UN rights chief urges transparent probe into writer’s death, review of law under which he was charged’ (UN News).

Various, Vaccination plus Decarceration — Stopping Covid-19 in Jails and Prisons (New England Journal of Medicine).

Various, COVID-19: back to healthcare basics in Philippine prisons (Journal of Public Health).

Tony Winterburn, ‘Care Home Visits In Scotland Resume Today After Families Waited For Months’ (Euroweekly).

WVTM13, ‘Alabama’s prison system sees 1,500+ cases of COVID-19 among inmate population’ (WVTM13).

Zunana Zalif, ‘Covid-19 inoculation drive to begin in prisons’ (Raajje).

Zimeye, ‘How Safe Are Prisoners When Prison Guards Are Dying From COVID-19?’ (ZE).

Week 22-28 February 2021

Laszlo Arato, ‘Pandemic has opened prisons across Europe’ (European Journalism Data Network).

BBC News, ‘Covid: HMP Manchester sees virus outbreak as cases in area rise’ (BBC News).

BBC News, ‘HMP Peterborough: Covid outbreak confirmed at privately-run prison’ (BBC News).

BBC News, ‘Covid outbreak at Dorset prison affects more than 120 inmates’ (BBC News).

BBC News, ‘Covid-19: Belgium prisoners quarantined after virus outbreak’ (BBC News).

Chris Beyrer, ‘Proactve COVID-19 testing of Maryland inmates protects us all’ (The Baltimore Sun).

Robin Blades, ‘Solitary confinement may worsen COVID-19 transmission in prisons’ (Salon).

Eli M. Cahan, ‘America’s Immigration System Is a COVID Superspreader’ (Scientific American).

Hannah Critchfield, ‘Only 35% of NC prison staff willing to take vaccine’ (North Carolina Health News).

Nyamekye Daniel, ‘North Carolina agrees to release 3,500 prisoners as part of COVID-19 lawsuit settlement’ (The Daily Courier).

Deccan Herald, ‘HC seeks AAP govt stand on pleas to vaccinate prisoners before they surrender’ (DH).

Maghen Downey, ‘Compassionate Release During COVID-19’ (The Regulatory Review).

Olive Enokido-Lineham, ‘It’s not too late to prevent more COVID deaths say prison campaigners’ (SW Londoner).

GoErie, ‘COVID lays bare our treatment of inmates’ (GE).

Pandemic reading – Robert Couse-Baker (2020).

Health Europa, ‘Controlled visits for UK care home residents’ (HE).

Conor Ganly, ‘Irish prisons face ‘unprecedented’ Covid-19 challenged after virus detected in Dublin and Laois jails’ (Leinster Express).

Jamaica Gleaner, ‘Authorities in Barbados say prison now COVID-19 free’ (JG).

Virginine Guennec, ‘Les cas de Covid-19 à la prison de Laon inquiètent les familles de détenus’ (L’Union).

Madeline Guth, ‘Key Issues to Watch for Justice-Involved Populations: COVID-19, Vaccines, & Medicaid’ (KFF).

Arthur Hall, ‘Female prisoner dies from COVID-19’ (Jamaica Observer).

Ku’uwehi Hiraishi, ‘Prison Oversight Commission Requests Analysis of Inmate Deaths’ (Hawaii Public Radio).

Inside Time, ‘More than 100 prisoners have died with coronavirus’ (IT).

Inside Time, ‘One in four prison staff has caught coronavirus’ (IT).

Dara Kam, ‘‘System in crisis’: Florida struggles to retain prison guards’ (Tampa Bay Times).

Neal Keeling, ‘Three Greater Manchester prisons are now dealing with Covid-19 outbreaks’ (Manchester Evening News).

Neal Keeling & Steve Robson, ‘Coronavirus outbreak hits Strangeways Prison as cases in the area increase by more than 100 per cent’ (Manchester Evening News).

Neal Keeling & Sophie Halle-Richards, ‘Strangeways prison hit with major Covid-19 outbreak as 200 new cases confirmed among staff and inmates’ (Manchester Evening News).

2021 – Vancouver – Gone – Ted McGarth (2021).

Conor Lally, ‘Covid-19 tests for prisoners and officers at Midlands Prison’ (The Irish Times).

Prawesh Larna, ’80 prisoners out on emergency parole fail to surrender back’ (Hindustan times).

Justice Madan Lokur, ‘What Covid-19 taught us about state of our prisons’ (The Hindustan Times).

Claire Loughnam & Sara Dehm, ‘A COVID ‘vaccine passport’ may further disadvantage refugees and asylum seekers’ (The Conversation).

Kelan Lyons, ‘Three weeks into COVID-19 vaccinations, DOC has vaccinated 10% of inmates, 40% of staff’ (CT Mirror).

Leila Miller, ‘40% of inmates in California’s corrections system have been vaccinated for COVID-19’ (LA Times).

ONO Info, Covid-19 : « Envoyer les voix critiques en prison ne mettra pas fin à la pandémie ».

Bill Parry, ‘Queens electeds tour prisons ravaged by COVID-19 pandemic’ (QNS).

Joe Piette, ‘Mental health effects of COVID lockdown in prison: Interview from inside SCI Albion’ (Workers World).

Jason Pohl, ‘Egypt detainees languish in jail with ‘no end in sight” (The Sac Bee).


Corey Robinson, ‘‘We are living like dogs’ – Inmates enraged as female prison leads COVID-19 caseload; Government says no need for alarm’ (The Gleaner).

Josh Rovner, ‘COVID-19 in Juvenile Facilities’ (The Sentencing Project).

SCF, ‘Man with stage 4 cancer not released despite medical report citing imminent health risk’ (SCF).

Lay Samean, ‘Prisons bar visits as courts adjourn trials amid Covid’ (The Phnom Penh Post).

Seychelles Nation, ‘Inmates rally to contribute their allowance to Covid-19 relief fund’ (SN).

Ruins of Hayes Valley – Todd Lappin (2020).

The Independent, ‘Seven inmates at Busesa prison test positive for Covid-19’ (TI).

Various, ‘The Case for Prioritizing COVID-19 Vaccines in Prisons and Jails‘ (The Appeal).

Various, COVID-19 Cases Among Employees of U.S. Federal and State Prisons (The American Journal of Preventive Medicine).

Various, ‘States Across The U.S. Are Taking Different Approaches Toward Vaccinating Inmates’ (NPR).

Various, ‘After an Insider investigation, ICE reverses its claim that it asked states to vaccinate detained immigrants’ (Insider).

Various, Association between county jail incarceration and cause-specific county mortality in the USA, 1987–2017: a retrospective, longitudinal study (The Lancet).

Various, ‘Vaccine Hesitancy Is Fueling the Pandemic in Jails, Prisons, and Communities’ (Vera Institute of Justice).

Theo Wayt, ‘Putting more people in jail linked to more deaths outside prison walls’ (Academic Times).

Andrew Wilks, ‘Turkish prisons overcrowded under Erdogan’s rule’ (National Observer).

Eva Wiseman, ‘Prison reform is slow, but could the will to change be growing?’ (The Guardian).

WVTM13, ‘Alabama’s prison system sees 1,500+ cases of COVID-19 among inmate population’ (WVTM13).

Week 15-21 February 2021

Afro News, ‘Lesotho: Prisons’ Covid-19 Nightmare’ (AN).

ANI, ‘Delhi HC sends plea seeking COVID-19 vaccine for jail staff, prisoners to division bench’ (ANI).

Imran Ariff, ‘Reduce overcrowding in prisons to curb Covid-19, PM told’ (FMT).

BBC News, ‘Covid in Scotland: Prison cases ‘almost double’ in a week’ (BBC News).

Riley Beggin, ‘Coronavirus emptied Michigan’s jails without crime surge. Time for reform?’ (Bridge Michigan).

Belga, ‘La prison de Namur est placée en confinement strict !’ (Belga – DH News).

Mounir Bennour, ‘Gaza: un rassemblement de solidarité avec les détenus dans les prisons israéliennes’ (AA).

Karen Bertail, ‘Covid-19. “On s’adapte au jour le jour” : un cluster à la prison de Mont-de-Marsan’ (Sud Ouest).

Robin Blades, ‘Solitary Confinement May Worsen Covid-19 Transmission in Prisons’ (Undark).

Mollie Breen, ‘A different insight into life in Irish prisons‘ (University Observer).

bollards_port_a_R5-0124 – Steve Miller (2021).


Jolene Campbell, ‘Spike in Covid-19 cases at West Lothian prison’ (Edinburgh Evening news).

Carolina Public Press, ‘Prisons contribute to racial imbalance in COVID-19 impact in NC’ (CPP – North Carolina Health News).

Laura Cassels, ‘County jails in FL not inspected during pandemic; lawmaker demands to know what’s going on’ (Florida Phoenix).


John-Paul Clark, ‘Almost 100 prisoners return positive Covid-19 tests at outbreak in HMP Addiewell’ (The Daily Record).

Joel Cossardeaux, ‘Dupond-Moretti cherche à éviter le retour de la surpopulation carcérale’ (Les Echos).

Arvind Dilawar, ‘More Than Half of All Inmates in Wisconsin Prisons Have Tested Positive for Covid’ (The Nation).

Thomas d’Istria, ‘Le Covid-19 entre désinformation et répression en Biélorussie’ (Le Monde).

Dundalk Democrat, ‘Huge testing Covid-19 operation as Covid-19 prisoner outbreak confirmed in jail complex’ (DD).

Untitled – Janet Crum (2020).

FARS, ‘Judiciary Chief: Iran Ready to Open Doors of Jails to Inspectors’ (FARS).

FLAPOL, ‘Omari Hardy calls for in-person inspections amid COVID-19 outbreaks at jails’ (FLAPOL).

France Info, ‘Carcassonne : un détenu positif à la Covid-19 à la maison d’arrêt, les surveillants craignent l’apparition d’un cluster’ (FI).

France Info, ‘Toulouse : des détenus de la prison de Seysses engagent un recours contre les parois anti-covid installées au parloir’ (FI).

Phillipa Greer, ‘Dismantling Prisons: Abolitionist Feminism, Women, Incarceration and #MeToo’ (LSE Blogs).

Arthur Hall, ‘COVID concern in prisons’ (Jamaica Observer).

Health Europa, ‘Prisons and COVID-19: benefits of employing microbiological laboratories’ (HE).

John Hebditch, ‘Coronavirus outbreak declared at Scots prisons as lags locked down’ (The Daily Record).

Anesta Henry, ‘COVID-19 outbreak at Dodds declared over at Dodds’ (Barbados Today).

Ralph Hewitt, ‘Non-vulnerable jail staff and prisoners ‘must also get jabs” (The Belfast Telegraph).

P5103342 – R4vi (2020).

HM Inspectorate of Prisons, HMP Birmingham – calmer with improved living conditions.

Daniel Hoe, ‘Huge Covid-19 outbreak confirmed at Doncaster’s HMP Moorland as 80 test positive for coronavirus’ (The Examiner Live).

Nausheen Hussain, ‘Despite federal and state guidance to reduce jail populations, few inmates convicted of nonviolent crimes have been released early’ (Chicago Tribune).

Inside Time, ‘CAPPTIVE report shows lockdown impact on mental health’ (IT).

Irish Penal Reform Trust, UK: What Happens to Prisoners in a Pandemic.

Jean-Baptiste Jacquin, ‘Surpopulation en prison : l’impossible équation d’Eric Dupond-Moretti’ (Le Monde).

Melissa Jeltsen, ‘He Got COVID In Prison. The Government Said He Was ‘Recovered.’ Then He Died’ (The Huff Post).

Aybuke Inal Kamaci, ‘Turkey begins vaccinating convicts, detainees’ (AA).

Naimat Khan, ‘Virus strikes Karachi Central Jail leaving a quarter of inmates infected’ (Arab News).

Victoria Law, ‘Unprepared for COVID, Texas Women’s Prison Was Equally Unprepared for Uri’ (Truth Out).

Pascale Le Garrec, ‘ENTRETIEN. Il faut « alléger les prisons face à la crise sanitaire »’ (Sud Ouest).

Le Nouvelliste, ‘Coronavirus: en prison pour avoir toussé sur des policiers en criant “corona”‘ (LN).

Howard Lloyd, ‘Inmates’ families blast ‘inhumane conditions’ at Exeter Prison’ (Devon Live).

Howard Lloyd, ‘New figures highlight scale of Exeter Prison Covid outbreak’ (Devon Live).

Charlotte Lynch, ‘Prison officers ‘lambs to slaughter’ as prison Covid infections quadruple’ (LBC).

Covid-19 – R4vi (2020).

MarkeyWatch, ‘Correctional Facilities Security Market With Impact of COVID-19, Top Companies, Emerging Trends, Demand Analysis, Future Opportunity Outlook 2025’ (MW).

Jessica Mauzo, ‘Coronavirus outbreaks in Spain’s care homes fall by half thanks to vaccination drive’ (El Pais).

Sylvain Mionnet, ‘Covid-19 : un nouveau cluster à la prison de Longuenesse’ (Nord Littoral).

Nation, ‘Prison COVID-19 cluster shrinks to 99 inmates’ (Nation).

News First, ‘Prison Officials to be given the COVID-19 Vaccine from tomorrow’ (NF).

Outlook India, ‘Haryana: Prisoners released on parole in wake of COVID-19 to be sent back to jail’ (OI).

Petitions Parliament UK, Make prison staff top priority as key workers to recieve the covid 19 vaccine.

G. Prakash, ‘Putrajaya urged to free minor offenders early to mitigate Covid-19 risks in crowded prisons’ (Malay Mail).

Press TV, ‘Scottish prison network hit by major Covid-19 outbreak’ (Press TV).

Hannah Riley, ‘Just Let People Have Cellphones in Prison’ (Slate).

Campbell Robb, ‘Vaccinate prisoners and prison officers as soon as possible’ (The Times).

Calum Ross, ‘Exclusive: Scottish inmates not coronavirus tested before prison transfers’ (The Press and Journal).

Untitled – Janet Crum (2020).

Jim Salter, ‘St. Louis jail tensions ‘boiled over’ amid COVID-19 worries’ (OA Now).

Rich Schapiro, ”Animals at the zoo get better treatment’: Inside Texas’ frigid jails’ (NBC News).

SCF, ‘Inmates suffer from overcrowding and gross rights violations, says parliamentary committee’ (SCF).

SCF, ‘Vaccine rollout in Turkish prisons begins amid criticism’ (SCF).

STV News, ‘Hundreds catch coronavirus in major prison outbreak’ (STV News).

Ciaran Sunderland, ‘Covid outbreak confirmed in Midlands Prison as 10 prisoners test positive’ (Irish Examiner).

Vanesa Swales, ‘‘He shouldn’t have had to die’: COVID-19 infects half of Wisconsin inmates, five times the overall state rate’ (Madison 365).

The Jerusalem Post, ’36 Israeli prisoners test positive for COVID-19′ (TJP).

The Manc, ‘Manchester’s prisoners reveal what life is like behind bars during a pandemic’ (The Manc).

Don Thompson, ‘Reviews find poor oversight of California prisons, jails’ (AP – The Hour).

UNICEF, Release of Children Deprived of Liberty in Iraq in Response to COVID-19.

Ray Levy Uyeda, ‘A brief guide to who gets to decide which prisoners are released early’ (Mic).

Various, Immigrant Detention and COVID-19: A Tragic Call to Action for Federal and State Officials (Immigration Initiative – Harvard University).

Various, ‘MAb for symptomatic COVID-19 in correctional facilities: an important opportunity’ (The Lancet).

WPXI, ‘State prison inmates paid to get COVID-19 vaccine’ (WPXI).

Week 8-14 February 2021

ACLU, How the COVID-19 Pandemic is Devastating Incarcerated People and their Communities.

Ruth Aguantia, ‘Fear, Anxiety Among Prisoners High As COVID Restrictions Prevent Volunteer Ministers From Reaching Out To Them’ (Christianity Daily).

Aljazeera, ‘St Louis jail riot prompts calls for better prison COVID measures‘ (A).

Aljazeera, ‘UK quarantine violators face heavy fines, up to 10 years in jail’ (A).

Eric Allison & Niamh McIntyre, ‘Number of prisoners in England and Wales on suicide watch rises steeply’ (The Guardian).

Nurul Izzah Anwar, ‘Solving The COVID-19 Prison Dilemma’ (The ASEAN Post).

Arab News, ‘Saudi Arabia suspends prison sentences in debt cases’ (AN).

BBC News, ‘Covid: HMP Stocken outbreak ‘behind Rutland’s surge” (BBC News).

BBC News, ‘Covid: HMP Bullingdon inmate dies following virus outbreak’ (BBC News).

BBC News, ‘Covid-19: HMP Littlehey ‘missed opportunities’ in first reported inmate virus death’ (BBC News).

Gabrielle Beaudry & Daniel Whiting, COVID-19 AND PRISON POPULATIONS: THE CASE FOR PRIORITY VACCINE ALLOCATION (Oxford Politics blog).

Belga, ‘Coronavirus en Belgique : la campagne de vaccination pourra bientôt débuter dans les prisons de Bruges et Merksplas’ (Belga – RTBF).

Chandra Bozelko, ‘Blame for coronavirus spread in prisons belongs to guards who don’t wear masks’ (CT Mirror).

Lee Brown, ‘Pedophile pop star Gary Glitter gets COVID-19 vaccine in prison’ (NY Post).

Laura Castañón, ‘Incarcerated People Have Questions—and Concerns—About the COVID-19 Vaccine. These Doctors Are Listening’ (Tufts Now).

Terry-Ann Craigie & Ames Grawert, ‘Covid-19 Has Made Reentry and Life After Prison Even Harder’ (Brennan Centre for Justice).

Hannah Critchfield & Arabella Saunders, ‘North Carolina Claims Prisoners Who Died of COVID Didn’t Die of COVID’ (VICE).

Not Funeral Flowers – Sharon Brogan (2020).

Joe Davidson, ‘U.S. Marshals Service’s lax covid-19 oversight of some inmates reflects a larger problem’ (The Washington Post).

Maite De Rue, Prisons and Jails Should be Prioritized for the Coronavirus Vaccine (Open Society Justice Initiative).

Ross Dunn, ‘Kilmarnock prison wing locked down after major Covid outbreak sees 38 people test positive for deadly virus’ (Daily Record).

EN24 News, ‘There are 353 active cases of covid-19 in Portuguese prisons’ (EN24 News).

Michael Finch II & Jason Pohl, ‘How COVID-19 invaded Sacramento jail, triggering major outbreak among inmates’ (The Sacramento Bee).

Melissa Gira Grant, ‘A Covid Uprising in America’s Jails’ (New Republic).

Jamie Grierson, ‘One in eight prisoners in England and Wales have had Covid’ (The Guardian).

HM Inspectorate of Prisons, Prison COVID-19 restrictions – virus suppressed but a heavy toll on prisoners’ well-being and rehabilitation.

Human Rights Watch, Covid-19 Triggers Wave of Free Speech Abuse.

Charles Hymas, ‘Locking down prisoners is likely to lead to more crime, warns the chief inspector of prisons’ (The Telgraph).

Inside Time, ‘Coronavirus: Decline in prison outbreaks and deaths’ (IT).

Italy 24 News, ‘Outbreak of Covid 19 in the Chieti prison, Voices from inside asks for alternative measures to avoid infections’ (Italy 24 News).

Erin Jordan, ‘Iowa parole board releases fewer offenders in fiscal 2020, despite COVID-19’ (The Gazette).

Nisa Khan, ‘Michigan prisons looking for new variants of COVID-19’ (Michigan Radio).

Aparna Komarla, ‘COVID-19 Patients Made to Clean Feces, Vomit, Urine in Quarantine Cells At Santa Clara Main Jail During January Outbreak’ (The Davis Vanguard).

Eric Lach, ‘Andrew Cuomo’s Refusal to Vaccinate Inmates Is Indefensible’ (The New Yorker).

Peter Lazenby, ‘Prisoners bearing a ‘heavy cost’ from Covid-19 lockdown restrictions’ (The Morning Star).

A Warning Signal – Rene van Haeften (2020).

Miriam Mangwaya, ‘Mnangagwa petitioned to decongest prisons’ (News Day).

Danny McKay, ‘Coronavirus: 40 prisoners self isolating after HMP Grampian wing locked down’ (Evening Express).

Jenifer B. McKinm, ‘More Than Half Of Mass. Corrections Workers Have Refused COVID Vaccine’ (GBH).

Kiran Misra, ”A death sentence’: US prisons could receive Covid vaccines last despite being hotspots’ (The Guardian).

Sadaf Modak, ‘Mumbai: Jail visits for prisoners’ kin, lawyers resume after almost a year’ (Hindu Express).

Kayla Moore, ‘What happens when asylum seekers face deportation without a lawyer?’ (International Rescue Committee).

Edwin Naidu, ‘Prisoners call on watchdog to exercise stronger oversight of their treatment by warders’ (IOL).

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