COVID-19: Deprivation of Liberty Information Corner

This section of the website has been specifically created to place into the public domain rapidly emerging information about deprivation of liberty in the context of the seemingly ever worsening global health situation resulting from the COVID-19 virus. In doing so, we have attempted to compile in one spot information from both Canada and abroad.

After the presentation of a list of useful resources, you will find Canadian news items and statements on COVID-19 and deprivation of liberty. Please click here to locate the international articles, of which there are many more.

The overall aim of this section of the website is to make readily available a range of opinions about the implications of being deprived of one’s liberty at a time of global health emergency and to highlight the obligations on the part of the state (Canadian or other) to ensure that those persons in their custody remain safe and healthy and that their human rights and dignity are fully respected in practice.

Emergency – Marcin Wichary (2008)

The COVID-19: Deprivation of Liberty Information Corner will be updated as information emerges. Thus, please come back soon.

Do contact us please if you have any suggested materials or articles for inclusion below.

Useful resources

United Nations

UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, COVID-19 not an excuse for unlawful deprivation of liberty – UN expert group on arbitrary detention and its Deliberation No.11.

UN Subcommittee on the Prevention of Torture, Advice of the Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture to States Parties and National Preventive Mechanisms relating to the Coronavirus Pandemic (25 March 2020).

Advice of the Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture to the National Preventive Mechanism of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland regarding compulsory quarantine for Coronavirus, adopted at its 40th session (10 to 14 February 2020).

OHCHR, ‘Urgent action needed to prevent COVID-19 “rampaging through places of detention” – Bachelet’ (OHCHR, 25 March 2020) with a related video.

Le Haut-Commissariat des Nations Unies aux droits de l’homme, ‘Une action urgente s’impose pour éviter que le COVID-19 ne cause « des ravages dans les lieux de détention » – Bachelet’ (OHCHR, le 25 mars 2020).

WHO Europe, Preparedness, prevention and control of COVID-19 in prisons and other places of detention (2020) – overview and report.

WHO Europe, Prevention and control of COVID-19 in prisons and other places of detention Frequently Asked Questions.

WHO Europe, Statement – Invest in the overlooked and unsung: build sustainable people-centred long-term care in the wake of COVID-19 (23 April 2020).

UN Office on Drugs & Crime, Position Paper COVID-19 preparedness and responses in prisons (31 March 2020).

(April 2020).

UNICEF, Technical Note: COVID-19 and Children Deprived
of their Liberty
(April 2020).

UNHCR Canada, Seeking asylum in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic (20 March 2020).

Council of Europe

European Committee on the Prevention of Torture, Statement of principles relating to the treatment of persons deprived of their liberty in the context of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic (20 March 2020) in English and French. See also the related press statement in English and French.

Council of Europe Commissioner on Human Rights, Commissioner calls for release of immigration detainees while Covid-19 crisis continues (26 March 2020).


ICPA Network on External Prison Oversight and Human Rights, Special Issue – ADAPTING TO COVID-19: Prison Oversight and Monitoring During a Pandemic.

Synergies Coopération et IACAT, Les prisons et le coronavirus – formation (le 8 avril).

Association for the Prevention of Torture, COVID-19 AND PERSONS DEPRIVED OF LIBERTY  INFORMATION HUB, with press release (26 March 2020)

Penal Reform International, Coronavirus: Healthcare and human rights of people in prison (16 March 2020).

Dignity – The Danish Institute Against Torture, Synthesis of Global Guidance and Recommendations: How to Prevent and Manage COVID-19 in Prisons (26 March 2020).

Prison Insider – ‘The Information Site on Prisons throughout the World’ (for prison COVID-19 news updates) in English and French and Coronavirus : la fièvre des prisons (for an overview of the the global situation).

Observatoire International de Prisons, Coronavirus en prison – L’essentiel (updates en francais-in French).

World Prison Brief news on COVID-19 and prisons.

Fair Trials International COVID-19 Justice Project.

Electronic Frontier Foundation, ‘Phishing in the Time of COVID-19: How to Recognize Malicious Coronavirus Phishing Scams’ (EFF, 19 March 2020).

quarantine covid19 – gabriel solorzano (2020).

Canada – news articles & public statements (by date)

24 May 2020

Holly Cabrera & Daniel J. Rowe, ‘Another employee working at a long-term care facility in Quebec has died due to COVID-19’ (CTV News).

Samuel Helguero, ‘Children traumatized in Canadian detention centres’ (The Post Millennial).

Ottawa Sun, ‘EDITORIAL: Let responsible family members into long-term care homes to help’ (OS).

Sound Health, ‘B.C. reports 10 new COVID-19 cases, no new cases in care homes’ (SH).

Various, ‘We need formal inquiries into why COVID-19 has ravaged long-term care homes’ (The Conversation).

Jamie Watt, ‘The “she-cession” may be new but its underlying causes are not’ (The Star).

Clutch Justice – H. Michael Karshis (2020).

23 May 2020

CBC, ‘These are the GTA long-term care homes hardest-hit by COVID-19‘ (CBC News).

ICI, ‘« On veut juste se laver! » 3 semaines sans douche pour des détenus infectés à la COVID-19’ (ICI-RCI).

Nicholas Johansen, ‘Sentencing under COVID-19’ (Castanet).

Simon Little, ‘Staff member tests positive for COVID-19 at B.C. federal prison’ (Global News).

Alessia Simona Maratta, ‘Quebec launches investigation into COVID-19 death of inmate’ (Global News).

Jon Milton, ‘COVID-19 is raging through Quebec prisons’ (Briarpatch).

22 May 2020

Amanda Connolly, ‘Trudeau says question of hazard pay for military in care homes remains undecided’ (Global News).

Deepan Budlakoti, ‘Budlakoti: The Ottawa Jail is no vacation – especially during COVID-19’ (Ottawa Citizen).

Laura Osman, ‘Coronavirus: No easy fix for problems in Canada’s nursing, retirement homes’ (Ontario Health Coalition).

Colin Perkel, ‘Financial help lacking as COVID-19 shuts courts, kills legal work, lawyers say’ (Vancouver Courrier).

Ted Raymond, ‘Third resident dies at Peter D. Clark amid COVID-19 outbreak’ (CTV News).

Various, ‘Loved ones in long-term care adrift in jurisdictional limboland’ (National Observer).

Ashley Wadhwani, ‘B.C. traveller fined $1,000 for not following mandatory social-isolation rules’ (The Progress).

Xinhua, ‘Canadian convicted of killing Chinese student not to be released due to COVID-19: authority’ (Xinhua).

21 May 2020

Derek Baldwin, ‘Seniors’ deaths will be properly vetted, assures Ontario deputy premier Elliott’ (Signal Star).

Murray Brewster, ‘COVID-19 infections skyrocket among troops deployed in long-term care homes’ (CBC News).

CP, ‘Advocates say Montreal inmate’s COVID-19 death highlights need for action’ (CP – Global News).

CP, ‘Twenty-eight soldiers test positive for COVID-19 after working in care homes’ (CP – CTV News).

David Carrigg, ‘COVID-19: Outbreak at Matsqui federal prison in Abbotsford, as active cases drop’ (Vancouver Sun).

Sandra Ka Hon & Richard Elliott, ‘Ontario court’s failure to ensure safe, equitable access to sterile needles blow to prisoners’ rights’ (The Hill Times).

Vikki Hopes, ‘Positive COVID-19 case confirmed at Mountain Institution in Agassiz’ (North Delta Reporter).

Bryce Hoye, ‘Outdoor care home visits will boost spirits after pandemic isolation, residents and families say’ (CBC News).

Simon Little, ‘COVID-19 case confirmed at federal prison in Agassiz, B.C.’ (Global News).

Paloma Marinez, ‘Décès d’un autre prisonnier, les proches des détenus lancent un appel à l’aide’ (ICI-RCI).

Nancy Massicotte, ‘COVID-19 à la prison de Trois-Rivières: les directives de la Santé publique appliquées’ (Le Nouvelliste).

Michael Nguyen, ‘COVID-19 : le prévenu décédé appelait à l’aide’ (Le Journal de Montreal).

QMI, ‘Suicides, menaces et COVID: un potentiel explosif en prison’ (Le Journal de Montreal).

Shannon Sampert, ‘Pandemic isolation creates potential for abuse’ (Winnipeg Free Press).

Eric Tremblay, ‘Le détenu décédé de la COVID-19 avait demandé à être soigné à l’hôpital’ (Journal Saint-Francois).

Andrew Weichel, ‘New COVID-19 outbreak at Matsqui Institution in B.C.’s Fraser Valley’ (CTV News).

Respect The Sunny Weather Lockdown – muffinn (2020).

20 May 2020

Emilie Clavel, ‘Citoyenneté: le Canada organisera des cérémonies d’assermentation virtuelles’ (Huffpost).

Mylene Crete, ‘Premier mort de la COVID-19 à la prison de Bordeaux‘ (Le Devoir).

CTV News, ‘Lawsuit filed against long-term care home’ (CTV News).

Karissa Donkin, ‘Former Bacchus Saint John president denied permission to pick where he lives’ (CBC News).

ICI, ‘Voyageurs de retour au Canada : la police a effectué 2200 contrôles de quarantaine’ (ICI-RCI).

ICI, ‘Un premier prisonnier québécois meurt de la COVID-19’ (ICI-RCI).

Alexandra Mazur, ‘All coronavirus testing at long-term care facilities completed in Kingston region’ (Global News).

National Post, ‘Mother of killer Luka Magnotta scared he will catch COVID-19 in prison, begs for his release‘ (NP).

Les Perreaux, ‘Women make up over half of COVID-19 deaths in Canada, counter to trends in most of world’ (G&M).

QMI, ‘Un détenu de la prison de Bordeaux succombe à la COVID-19‘ (QMI – Le Journal de Montreal).

Daniel Renaud, ‘Le détenu de Bordeaux hospitalisé est décédé‘ (La Presse).

Catherine Tunney, ‘Police report 2,200 home quarantine checks as Trudeau talks about stricter border measures’ (CBC News).

19 May 2020

CP, ‘Ontario to hold independent commission into long-term care’ (CP – The Star).

CP, ‘Five Forces members catch COVID-19 on deployment in long-term care homes’ (CP – Inbrampton).

CBC News, ‘Ontario orders commission into long-term care after more than 1,400 COVID-19-related deaths’ (CBC News).

Catherine Chesnay & Dominique Bernier, ‘Les prisons provinciales à l’ère du déconfinement’ (Presse Gauche).

Susan Clairmont, ‘The tale of two Hamilton inmates: To release, or not to release’ (The Hamilton Spectator).

Carole A. Estabrookes & Janice Keefe, ‘COVID-19 crisis in nursing homes is a gender crisis’ (Policy Options).

Amanda Jerome, ‘Legal groups file Charter challenge against government to protect federal inmates’ (The Lawyer’s Daily).

Amanda Jerome, ‘Independent body to probe impact of COVID-19 in long-term care homes, Ontario says’ (The Lawyer’s Daily).

Morgan Lowrie, ‘Des demandeurs d’asile au front contre la COVID-19 dans les CHSLD’ (Huffington Post).

Ontario Health Coalition, ‘Inquiry into Long-Term Care & COVID-19 Cannot Preclude Immediate Actions that are Needed, Must be Independent and Transparent: Health Coalition’ (OHC).

Priscilla Pajdo, ‘Long Term Care Homes, time for an inquiry’ (Corriere Canadese).

Presse Gauche, ‘Des manifestations retentissantes prennent place à l’extérieur des prisons de la région de Montréal suite à la mort d’un détenu, Grève de la faim’ (PG).

Daniel Renaud, ‘COVID-19: un détenu de Bordeaux hospitalisé’ (La Presse).

18 May 2020

Paul Adam, ‘COVID-19 is depriving people of the opportunity to grieve’ (Policy Options).

Amanda Coletta, ‘Canada’s nursing home crisis: 81 percent of coronavirus deaths are in long-term care facilities’ (The Washington Post).

Matt De Vecchio, ‘Why would I move into a seniors’ residence now?’ (The Senior Times).

ICI, ‘Un premier cas de COVID-19 à la prison de Trois-Rivières’ (ICI-RCI).

Morgan Lowrie, ‘Asylum seekers on front line of Quebec’s COVID-19 battle in care homes’ (CP – Kamploops This Week).

Various, ‘Ontario is failing to protect heath-care workers’ (The Star).

Graeme Wood, ‘COVID-19 is not a ‘get out of jail’ card, but…’ (Vancouver Courrier).

17 May 2020

Olivia Bowden, ‘More Canadian women have COVID-19 and are dying as a result. Here’s some possible reasons why’ (Global News).


CP, ‘Rights of Quebec’s long-term care residents must be respected: patients’ group’ (CP – Montreal Gazette).

Cassidy Chisholm, ”Hard-working mom’ who did anything for her children dies of COVID-19 at Northwood‘ (CBC News).

Joe O’Connor, ‘Heroes of the Pandemic: From prisoner of war to prisoner of COVID-19 for 99-year-old veteran’ (National Post).

Alanna Smith, ‘Former Calgary remand inmate says COVID-19 safety measures are insufficient’ (Calgary Herald).

16 May 2020

Joseph Brean, ‘Four out of five COVID-19 deaths have been linked to seniors homes. That says a lot about how Canada regards its elders’ (The National Post).

Alicia Bridges, ‘Civil liberties concerns surround detention of non-compliant COVID-19 patients in Sask.’ (CBC News).

Aedan Helmer, ”There is no going back’: How COVID-19 forced courts into the digital age’ (Ottawa Citizen).

Caryn Lieberman, ‘Nurse volunteers to help short-staffed Ontario long-term care home experiencing coronavirus outbreak’ (Global News).

Various, ‘For-profit nursing homes have had far worse COVID-19 outcomes than public facilities — and three of the largest paid out $1.5 billion to shareholders’ (The Star).

WFH – Travis Wise (2020).

15 May 2020

CBC News, ‘Critics say mandatory COVID-19 testing should include retirement homes as well’ (CBC News).

Dalhousie University, ‘Mitigating the impacts of COVID‑19 in senior care homes’ (DU in Medical Xpress).

Brett Forester, ‘Ottawa facing mounting pressure to protect inmates in minister’s absence’ (APTN News).

Amanda Jerome, ‘Bail, sentencing impacted as jail could be ‘death sentence’ during pandemic, lawyer says’ (The Lawyers’ Daily).

Ariana Kelland, ‘N.L. judge says man jailed needlessly for charges later dismissed’ (CBC News).

Lauren Pelley, ‘Nurses, lab workers, physicians among ‘alarming’ number of health-care workers with COVID-19′ (CBC News).

Patricia Rainville, ‘Un procès criminel à l’ère de la COVID-19’ (Le Quotidien).

Jeff Schantz, ‘COVID-19 highlights the inhumanity of Canada’s prisons’ (

14 May 2020

AP, ‘Back to jail for Italian mobsters sent home over virus fears’ (AP – CTV News).

CBC News, ‘Province using Regina women’s remand unit to house COVID-19 patients who refuse isolation orders’ (CBC News).

CP, ‘Ontario to look at controlling management of some long-term care homes’ (CP in Plant).

Mylène Crête, ‘COVID-19: Encore plus de cas à la prison de Bordeaux, à Montréal’ (Le Devoir in MSN).

Judy Haiven, ‘Northwood, a blueprint for how COVID-19 raged through long-term care homes’ (National Observer).

Kathleen Harris, ‘Halt drug possession charges during pandemic to stem spike in overdose deaths, advocates say‘ (CBC News).

La Presse Canadienne, ‘Centre fédéral de formation de Laval: beaucoup de détenus atteints de la COVID-19’ (LPC – La Presse).

La Presse Canadienne, ‘Plus de 62 % des cas de COVID dans les pénitenciers ont été recensés au Québec’ (L’actualite).

Paloma Martinez, ‘Santé des prisonniers et COVID : le gouvernement canadien poursuivi en justice’ (ICI-RCI).

Mission Record, ‘Only two active COVID-19 cases remain at Mission Institution’ (MR).

Aaron Morrison, ‘Common’s #WeMatterToo push urges jail releases amid virus’ (Times Colonist).

Thomas Walksom, ‘Is Doug Ford finally getting serious about long-term care?‘ (The Star).

Corona-Sunset – Iforce (2020).

13 May 2020

Canadian Labour Congress, ‘COVID-19 call to action: Canada’s unions call for overhaul of long-term care system’ (NB Media Coop).

Mickey Djuric, ‘Coronavirus: Saskatchewan government detaining people who won’t self-isolate’ (Global News).

Jesse Donovan, ‘Indigenous Lives at Risk: Prisons and COVID-19’ (First Peoples Law).

Chris Fox, ‘Ontario adopts emergency order allowing control of COVID-19 outbreaks at long-term care homes’ (CTV News).

Terry Haig, ‘Human rights groups sue Ottawa over COVID threat in prisons’ (RCI).

Thia James, ‘No positive test results in Sask. inmates so far: authorities’ (The Star Phoenix).

Shawn Jeffords, ‘Coronavirus: Emergency order allows Ontario to control management of long-term care homes‘ (Global News).

Justin Ling, ‘Canada Has Failed to Protect Inmates From Pandemic, Lawsuit Alleges’ (Vice).

Darren MacDonald, ‘COVID-19 fears not enough to get accused shooter out of Sudbury jail’ (CTV News).

Alex McKeen, ‘COVID-19 could change long-term care forever — at the site of Canada’s first outbreak, the shift is already underway’ (The Star – paid access).

David McNamara, ‘Government Taken To Court Over ‘Cruel’ Treatment Of Prisoners During COVID-19 Pandemic’ (CA News Forum).

Philippe Mercure, ‘Pas de tests systématiques dans un CHSLD fortement touché’ (La Presse).

Priscilla Padjo, ‘Long term care homes: time for a critical lens’ (Corriere Canadese).

Heath Campbell Pope & Eddy Elmer, ‘Releasing elderly inmates en masse in Canada is misguided’ (The Hamilton Spectator).

Solidarity Across Borders, As Laval Detention Centre Empties, CBSA Pushes Tracking Bracelets on Migrants.

COVID-19 and Self-Isolation Thoughts – muffinn (2013).

12 May 2020


Ian Burns, ‘Class actions filed in B.C., Quebec over prison COVID-19 outbreaks’ (The Lawyers’ Daily).

CP, ‘Canadian prisoner files lawsuit over safety of inmates during pandemic’ (CP in CTV News).

CP, ‘Coronavirus: Prisoner, human rights groups file lawsuit over federal inmates’ safety’ (CP in Global News).

Janice Keefe, ‘COVID-19 is demonstrating the value of family caregivers’ (Policy Options).

PC, ‘Sécurité en prison: des détenus poursuivent Ottawa’ (La Presse Canadienne – La Presse).

Ted Raymond, ‘Death toll mounts at Carlingview Manor long-term care home’ (CTV News).

Daniel Renaud, ‘Protestation au feu et à l’eau à Bordeaux’ (La Presse).

Nicole O’Reilly, ‘Trying to maintain a lifeline for women in Barton jail’ (The Hamilton Spectator).

Daniel Renaud, ‘La GRC vérifie si les voyageurs respectent leur quarantaine’ (La Presse).

Emma Tranter, ‘Nunavut has released 23 inmates since April 1 due to the COVID-19 pandemic’ (Nunatsiaq News).

Jennifer Yang, ‘Why COVID-19 outbreaks in hospitals are such a thorny issue’ (The Star – paid access).

11 May 2020

AFP, ‘‘La’, not ‘le’: French Academy says COVID-19 is feminine’ (The Hindu).

Martin Regg Cohn, ‘When it comes to long-term care, what matters more than ownership is accountability and responsibility’ (The Star – paid access).

G&M, ”A lonely mother or a dead mother?’ Is it too soon to lift lockdowns in long-term care homes? Plus other letters to the editor’ (G&M).

Jean-Philippe Guilbault, ‘Catastrophe appréhendée par le syndicat des employés dans les pénitenciers du Québec’ (ICI-RCI).

ICI, ‘Inquiétudes après un second cas de COVID-19 en prison à Calgary’ (ICI-RCI).

Lisa Joy, ‘Indigenous advocate accuses feds of playing politics by not releasing more low-risk inmates’ (The News Optimist).

Michelle Lalonde, ‘Activists hold drive-by protests for prisoners at Bordeaux and Laval’ (Montreal Gazette).

Steven Lewis, ‘The pandemic and the politics of long-term care in Canada’ (Policy Options).


Sara Mojtehedzadeh, ‘A study urged better standards for migrant workers’ housing. Nothing was done. Now COVID-19 has struck’ (The Star).

Jason White, ‘Most Ottawa COVID-19 deaths from four long-term care homes’ (Ottawa Matters).

10 May 2020

Hina Alam, ‘Vancouver’s long-term care homes test for variety of symptoms for COVID-19’ (AP in Tri-City News).

FR24 News, ‘“A disaster awaits”: in the largest coronavirus outbreak in prison in Canada’ (FR24 News).

Kathleen Harris, ‘Pressure mounts on federal government to help fix, build long-term care homes as pandemic takes deadly toll’ (CBC News).

Betsy Powell, ‘Long-term-care home where 66 have died on COVID-19 now investigating possible privacy breach’ (The Star).

Douglas Quan, ‘‘Disaster waiting to happen’: Inside the biggest prison coronavirus outbreak in Canada’ (The Star – paid access).

Joel Rubinoff, ‘‘I regret to inform you …’ The emails are from the nursing home, and they’re never good’ (The Star).

Hey! Ho! Stay Home! – H. Michael Karshis (2020).

9 May 2020

Jeff Bell, ‘Correctional centre inmates make donation to Rapid Relief Fund’ (Times Colonist).

Louis Blouin & Christian Norel, ‘Des détenus canadiens fabriquent des masques pour lutter contre la COVID-19’ (ICI-RCI).

Rachel Browne, ‘Children in Ontario group homes and foster care test positive for coronavirus‘ (Global News).

Globe Newswire, ‘Canada’s unions call for overhaul of long-term care system’ (GNW – Ein Presswire).

Laura Osman, ‘No easy fix for long-term care home problems highlighted by COVID-19’ (CTV News).

QMI, ‘Premiers cas de COVID-19 au pénitencier de Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines’ QMI – TVA Nouvelles).

8 May 2020

Paul Cherry, ‘Judge denies detainee a release despite virus spread in Montreal jail’ (Montreal Gazette).

Mylene Crete, ‘La libération d’un détenu en raison de la COVID-19 rejetée’ (Le Devoir).

Criminalization and Punishment Education Project, Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Linked to Canadian Carceral Institutions (CPEP).

EN24, ‘COVID-19: detainees and their entourage want more’ (EN24).

Robert Fife, ‘Canadian Labour Congress calls for end to privately owned long-term care facilities after COVID-19 deaths’ (G&M).

Mark Gollom, ‘Flood of COVID-19-related lawsuits expected to hit courts’ (CBC News).

Julie Ireton, ‘Woman fears for brother’s life as virus ravages Ottawa nursing home’ (CBC News).

Michael Nguyen, ‘COVID-19: il reste détenu malgré l’éclosion en prison’ (Le Journal de Montreal).

Daniel Renaud, ‘Libération des détenus : la COVID-19, un facteur pertinent, mais non une abdication de la règle de droit’ (La Presse).

Various, ‘For-profit nursing homes have four times as many COVID-19 deaths as city-run homes, Star analysis finds’ (The Star).

Verity Stevenson & Benjamin Shingler, ‘Quebec relies on hundreds of asylum seekers in long-term care’s battle against COVID-19’ (CBC News).

ODCtwist – FolsomNatural (2020).

7 May 2020

Rachel Aiello, ‘Long-term care homes set to get wage and workforce boost from feds’ (CTV News).

Kristin Annable, ‘Number of inmates in Manitoba jails drops by almost 30% in wake of COVID-19 pandemic’ (CBC News).

Louis Cloutier, ‘Grabuge à la prison de Trois-Rivières’ (Le Journal de Montreal).

Samantha Craggs, ‘Still just 1 case of COVID-19 at the Barton jail, and 6 more in all of Hamilton’ (CBC News).

EN24, ‘COVID-19: up to 400 prisoners released in Quebec’ (EN24).

Tu Thanh Ha, ‘How Quebec’s long-term care homes became hotbeds for the COVID-19 pandemic’ (G&M).

ICI-RCI, ‘La COVID-19 dans les prisons‘ (ICI-RCI).

ICI-RCI, ‘Le nombre de prisonniers baisse de 30 % au Manitoba pendant la pandémie’ (ICI-RCI).

Nico Johnson, ‘Trudeau government uncertain of how many prisoners were paroled over coronavirus fears’ (The Post Millenial).

Michael LaBranche, ‘COVID-19: des détenus et leur entourage en veulent plus’ (Le Journal de Montreal).

John Lancaster, ‘Province did inspections by phone at Toronto care home where 15 residents died of COVID-19’ (CBC News).

Tonda MacCharles, ‘82% of Canada’s COVID-19 deaths have been in long-term care, new data reveals’ (The Star).

Harry Miller, ‘Ont. justice cites COVID-19 for letting man in ‘brutal’ attack out of jail – CTV News’ (CTV – Canada News Media).

Les Perreaux, ‘Once a retirement plum for Quebec elders, nursing homes are now symbols of neglect’ (G&M).

Cristin Schmitz, ‘Federal judge rejects DOJ foot-dragging; expedites inmate’s ‘urgent’ plea for parole due to COVID-19’ (The Lawyer’s Daily).

Laura Stone & Karen Howlett, ‘Ontario says it will ‘review’ long-term care system post-COVID-19, but won’t commit to independence’ (G&M).

Various, ‘Why some nursing homes won’t let families install ‘granny cams’ to check on their loved ones’ (CBC News).

6 May 2020

Jean Carrier, ‘Santé mentale, déconfinement et système carcéral au menu du jour’ (Quebec Hebedo).

CBC News, ‘What are you rights under COVID-19?’ (CBC News).

CBC News, ‘Laval inmate dies after contracting COVID-19 as Quebec prisons deal with outbreaks’ (CBC News).

Emilie Clavel, ‘COVID-19: des détenus pourront être libérés plus tôt’ (Huffington Post).

Jean-Michel Clermont-Goulet, ‘Certains détenus du Québec pourront sortir de prison pour des raisons médicales’ (Narcity).

Courrier Laval, ‘Détenu mort de la COVID-19 dans une prison de Laval’ (CL).

Emilie Dubreuil & Jean-Philippe Guilbault, ‘« Les prisons n’étaient pas prêtes » : la COVID-19 inquiète le milieu carcéral’ (ICI-RCI).

EN24, ‘“Prisons were not ready”: COVID-19 worries the prison community | Coronavirus’ (EN24).

Jerome Labbe, ‘COVID-19 : une permission de sortie pour certains détenus du Québec’ (ICI-RCI).

Don Mitchell, ‘Hamilton has 468 COVID-19 cases, two more institutional deaths’ (Global News).

Jonathan Montpetit, ‘As death toll mounts, Quebec Seniors’ Minister Marguerite Blais faces a reckoning’ (CBC News).

QMI, ‘Des prisonniers de Bordeaux entament une grève de la faim’ (QMI – TVA Nouvelles).

Elise von Scheel, ‘Why Millrise seniors’ home was seized by Alberta Health Services’ (CBC News).

Patty Winsa, ‘The proportion of COVID-19 deaths in long-term care was measured in 14 countries. Canada had the worst record’ (The Star).

Covid-19 – Michel Craig (2020).

5 May 2020

CBC News, ‘Ontario reports 387 new COVID-19 cases, deaths in long-term care top 1,000’ (CBC News).

Katrina Clarke, ‘What will mass COVID-19 testing in long-term care homes reveal?’ (The Hamilton Spectator).

Simon Coutu, ‘Portes closes dans les centres de traitement des dépendances’ (ICI-RCI).

CTV News, ‘Should Canadian courts still be holding jury trials?’ (CTV News).

Maxime Deland, ‘Laval: la COVID-19 aurait causé la mort d’un détenu’ (Le Journal de Montreal).

Emilie Dubreuil & Jean-Philippe Gibault, ‘Un détenu est mort de la COVID-19 dans une prison fédérale à Laval’ (ICI-RCI).

Alyshah Hasham, ‘They said there was no playbook for dealing with COVID-19 outbreak at nursing homes. There were several’ (The IFP).

Muhammad Irfan, ‘Second Canadian Inmate In Federal Custody Succumbs To COVID-19 Complications’ (UrduPoint).

Sam Pazzano, ‘COVID-19 not instant get-out-of-jail free card: Judge’ (Toronto Sun).

Lauren Pelley, ‘An Ontario nurse explains how COVID-19 gets into care homes, then hits health-care workers’ (CBC News).

Daniel Renaud, ‘La tension monte à Bordeaux, le nombre de personnes infectées aussi’ (La Presse).

Selena Ross, ‘A second inmate in a Canadian federal prison has died of COVID-19′ (CTV News).

UBC, ‘Care homes need to be more of a priority for Canadian health’ (UBC).

Henri Ouellette Vézina, ‘Coronavirus: un détenu fédéral décède à Laval, une première au Québec’ (Metro).

4 May 2020

CBC News, ‘Could schools become the next long-term care homes?’ (CBC News).

Sean Fine, ‘Justice Department chastised for requesting extra time ahead of ill inmate’s urgent hearing’ (G&M).

Paola Lorrigio, ‘Lawsuits over COVID-19 in nursing homes to question standard of care’ (National Observer).

Mark Pare, ‘Grand Valley inmates recover from COVID-19’ (Kitchener Today).

Elizabeth Payne, ‘Families, ex-staff raise concerns about home where 29 residents have died from COVID-19’ (Ottawa Citizen).

Josh Pringle, ’35 new COVID-19 deaths all linked to outbreaks in Ottawa’s long-term care homes’ (CTV News).

Josh Pringle, ‘Two residents of Plantagenet long-term care home die due to COVID-19’ (CTV News).

Kaya Slepian, ‘B.C. records three new COVID-19 deaths in longterm care over past 48 hours’ (Abbynews).

Chris Thomson, ‘Inmates at Grand Valley Institution recover from COVID-19’ (CTV News).

3 May 2020

CP, ‘C.-B.: manif en soutien aux détenus d’une prison ravagée par une éclosion’ (CP in La Presse).

Paola Loriggio, ‘Lawsuits over COVID-19 handling in nursing homes raise questions about standard of care’ (CBC News).

Ryan Patrick Jones, ‘Death toll at Orléans care home battling COVID-19 rises to 29’ (CBC News).

Yves Poirier, ‘Tensions à la prison de Bordeaux en raison de la COVID-19‘ (Le Journal de Montreal).

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