COVID-19: Deprivation of Liberty Information Corner

This section of the website has been specifically created to place into the public domain rapidly emerging information about deprivation of liberty in the context of the seemingly ever worsening global health situation resulting from the COVID-19 virus. In doing so, we have attempted to compile in one spot information from both Canada and abroad.

After the presentation of a list of useful resources, you will find Canadian news items and statements on COVID-19 and deprivation of liberty. Please click here to locate the international articles, of which there are many more.

The overall aim of this section of the website is to make readily available a range of opinions about the implications of being deprived of one’s liberty at a time of global health emergency and to highlight the obligations on the part of the state (Canadian or other) to ensure that those persons in their custody remain safe and healthy and that their human rights and dignity are fully respected in practice.

Hope – Gedalya AKA David Gott (2011).

Useful resources

United Nations

UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, COVID-19 not an excuse for unlawful deprivation of liberty – UN expert group on arbitrary detention and its Deliberation No.11.

UN Subcommittee on the Prevention of Torture, Advice of the Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture to States Parties and National Preventive Mechanisms relating to the Coronavirus Pandemic (25 March 2020).

Advice of the Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture to the National Preventive Mechanism of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland regarding compulsory quarantine for Coronavirus, adopted at its 40th session (10 to 14 February 2020).

WHO Europe, Preparedness, prevention and control of COVID-19 in prisons and other places of detention (2020) – overview and report.

 (April 2020).

UNICEF, Technical Note: COVID-19 and Children Deprived
of their Liberty
 (April 2020).


APT & ODIHR, Practical Guidance on Monitoring places of detention in times of COVID-19.

European Committee on the Prevention of Torture, Statement of principles relating to the treatment of persons deprived of their liberty in the context of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic (20 March 2020) in English and French.

Dignity – The Danish Institute Against Torture, Synthesis of Global Guidance and Recommendations: How to Prevent and Manage COVID-19 in Prisons (26 March 2020).

Open Society Initiative, The Right to Health Care in Prison during the COVID-19 Pandemic (15 July 2020).

Penal Reform International, Coronavirus: Healthcare and human rights of people in prison (16 March 2020).

Penal Reform International, Coronavirus: Preventing harm and human rights violations in criminal justice systems (14 July 2020).

Prison Insider – The Information Site on Prisons throughout the World’ (for prison COVID-19 news updates) in English and French and Coronavirus : la fièvre des prisons (for an overview of the the global situation).

Observatoire International de Prisons, Coronavirus en prison – L’essentiel (updates en francais-in French).

Vancouver Gastown Covid-19 – Ted McGarth (2020).

Dear Readers,

After posting daily COVID-19-related prison updates for the first full year of the pandemic, we are taking a short break for a few weeks. Please join us again after Easter for more updates.

Hanging out during the pandemic – Lee Wooten (2020).

Week 8-14 March 2021

Pierre-Alexandre Bolduc, ‘Incursion dans un CHSLD qui a vécu l’enfer de la COVID-19’ (ICI).

Desmond Brown, ‘Prisoners refuse meals amid COVID-19 outbreak at Hamilton jail, 72 people infected’ (CBC News).

Scott Brown, ‘Two Vancouver men thrown in jail for hosting party during pandemic’ (Vancouver Sun).

Ian Burns, ‘COVID-19 has led to ‘monumental’ shift in thinking on immigration detention issues, research shows’ (The Lawyer’s Daily).

CBC News, ‘An inside look at how the pandemic is being managed at Grand Valley Institution’ (CBC News).

CBC News, ‘Civil rights groups object to ‘unconstitutional’ emergency order in Thunder Bay’ (CBC News).

CBC News, ‘COVID-19 outbreak declared at another B.C. care home where more than 80% of residents were vaccinated’ (CBC News).

CBC News, ‘Red Cross called in to assist COVID-19 outbreak at Drumheller prison’ (CBC News).

John Chidley-Hill, ‘Legal challenge mounted against Canada’s federally mandated quarantine hotel policy’ (CTV News).

Thank you – duncan c (2020).

CP, ‘Outbreaks in care homes in British Columbia where most have been vaccinated a reminder of limitations’ (CP – G&M).

CP, ‘A new study will examine the devastating toll COVID-19 has taken in long-term care homes’ (CTV News).

CTV News, ‘New study on COVID-19 in long-term care homes’ (CTV News).

CUPE, CUPE seeking commitment to expansion of public long-term care.

Jean-Baptiste Demouy, ‘Les femmes autochtones surreprésentées dans le système carcéral de la Saskatchewan’ (ICI).

Karen Edwards, ‘Jail union president hopeful after province plans to issue request for proposals for new jail by spring’ (Toronto Star).

Sean Fine, ‘Advocacy group asks Ontario court to halt federal hotel-quarantine policy’ (G&M).

Michael Franklin, ‘Red Cross deployed to help contain COVID-19 outbreak at Alberta prison’ (CTV News).

Karen Graham, ‘Canada’s long-term care homes accounted for 55% of COVID deaths’ (Digital Journal).

Terri Haig, ‘COVID and conditions fuel growing hunger strike at Hamilton prison’ (RCI).

Phil Heidenreich, ‘Red Cross assisting with response to COVID-19 outbreak at Drumheller Institution’ (Global News).

ICI, ‘Des groupes de défense des droits s’opposent à une ordonnance d’urgence à Thunder Bay’ (ICI).

Julie Ireton, ‘A year into the pandemic, nursing home residents share reflections’ (CBC News).

Thia James, ‘More supports needed to prevent women from being remanded: Elizabeth Fry society’ (Saskatoon StarPhoenix).

Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom, Mandatory hotel quarantines and travel restrictions.

Jean-Benoit Legault, ‘Nouvelle étude sur les ravages de la COVID dans les CHSLD’ (Le Droit).

LPC, ‘Une contestation intentée contre la quarantaine à l’hôtel’ (LPC – La Presse).

Craig Lord, ‘Coronavirus: ‘SWAT team’ investigating deadly COVID-19 outbreak in Gatineau care home’ (Global News).

Paola Lorrigio, ‘Ontario rejected proposals to protect LTC residents, deeming them ‘too expensive’: documents’ (CBC News).

Katie May, ‘Manitoba sets April start for inmate inoculations’ (WFP).

David Moscrop, ‘Opinion: The high covid death rates in Ontario long-term care facilities were avoidable’ (The Washington post).

John Musselman, ‘Man who runs Ontario long-term care home without a single case of COVID-19 being called a hero’ (CTV News).

Paula Newton, ‘Families want change after neglect in Canadian care homes proved deadly during the pandemic’ (CNN).

Coronavirus – kfergos (2020).

Natasha Pace, ”We have to rebuild’: Advocates hope to see change for older Canadians, long-term care homes after pandemic’ (CTV News).

Elizabeth Payne, ”Unfair and inhumane:’ MPPs pass Voula’s Law to prevent families being kept out of care homes’ (Ottawa Citizen).

Colin Perkel, ‘Coronavirus lockdown measures defy federal inmate rights, suit claims’ (Global News).

Colin Perkel, ‘Des détenus estiment que certaines mesures sanitaires violent leurs droits’ (L’actualite).

Mariah Sarrouh, ‘‘The bubble is suffocating the residents’: Why calls are growing to loosen COVID-19 restrictions at nursing homes’ (The Star).

Brooke Taylor, ”It’s a disaster’: Trust in long-term care at an all-time low’ (CTV News).

Stephanie Taylor, ‘Proposed class action filed in Saskatchewan over COVID-19 outbreaks in long-term care’ (The Star).

Various, ‘COVID-19 pandemic exposes how little we know about prison conditions globally’ (The Conversation).

Kenyon Wallace, ‘Prioritizing long-term-care homes in Ontario’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout saved hundreds of lives, researchers find’ (Toronto Star).

Patrick White, ‘Legal groups object to isolation order for freed prisoners in Thunder Bay’ (G&M).

Nicole Williams, ‘Province pushes to get staff vaccinated at Gatineau care home’ (CBC News).

Andrea Woo, ‘COVID-19 lockdowns in federal prisons violate inmates’ Charter rights, lawsuit says’ (G&M).

Breanna Xavier-Carter, ‘‘A stunning success of science.’ Ontario reports fourth straight day with no COVID-19 deaths in long-term care’ (Toronto Star).

Jenny Yuen, ‘Legal challenge launched against mandatory hotel stay for travellers’ (Toronto Sun).

YYC Times, ‘B.C. inmates file constitutional challenge over COVID-19 restrictions’ (YYC Times).

Week 1-7 March 2021

Hadassah Alencar, ‘Community groups demand release of migrant detainees following a COVID-19 outbreak at the Laval Immigration Holding Centre’ (The Concordian).

Antonella Artuso, ‘Ontario closes 26 youth jails: government source’ (Toronto Sun).

Karrie Auger, ‘Opinion: COVID-19 intensifies already inhumane conditions in prisons’ (Edmonton Journal).

Philip Authier, ‘The longest spring: Quebec’s battle with COVID-19 revealed in new book’ (Montreal Gazette).

Saba Aziz, ‘Bingo, movie nights: COVID-19 outbreaks plummet in LTC homes as vaccines bring relief’ (Global News).

BNN Bloomberg, ‘Half of Ontario’s long-term care beds are in shared rooms: Former Deputy Long-Term Care minister’ (BNN Bloomberg).

Lea Carrier, ‘Des renforts appelés au CHSLD Lionel-Émond’ (La Presse).

CBC News, ‘One month after major COVID-19 outbreak, workers call for prison inmates to get vaccine’ (CBC News).


CP24, ‘Steps to bolster Ontario long-term care home pay leading to ‘destabilization’ of home care sector: advocates’ (CP24).

Joanna Frketich, ‘COVID-19 cases on the rise at Hamilton shelters, Barton jail’ (The Spec).

Toilet roll available – duncan c (2020).

Government of Canada, COVID-19 mandatory hotel stopover: Booking and list of government-authorized hotels.

Kris Hermes, ‘Indigenous land defender sentenced to 90 days in jail’ (National Observer).

Karen Howlett & Tu Thanh Ha, ‘COVID-19 hit long-term care homes harder in second wave’ (CBC News).

ICI, ‘CHSLD Lionel-Émond : la ministre Blais encourage les employés à se faire vacciner’ (ICI).

Shawn Jeffords & Nicole Thompson, ‘Ontario’s long-term care minister should have spoken out earlier about COVID-19 concerns, Horwath says’ (G&M).

Alice Chantal Tchandem Kamgang, ‘Cri du cœur des travailleurs migrants aux gouvernements du Canada et du Québec’ (RCI).

Sebastian Leck, ‘Why new prisons may not bring new jobs’ (TVO).

Emilie Pelletier, ‘Une étude pour mieux comprendre la COVID-19 dans les établissements de soins de longue durée’ (Le Droit).

Ted Raymond, ‘Ottawa police officers to begin COVID-19 vaccinations Wednesday’ (CTV News).

Red Deer Advocate, ‘Opinion: Crisis in long-term care must include data-driven change’ (RDA).

No title – Kat (2020).

Laura Sciarpelletti, ‘COVID-19 in Sask.: 2 more deaths, all long-term care homes have received 1st vaccine doses’ (CBC News).

Jacob Serebrin, ‘Several inmates at Quebec immigration detention facility stage hunger strike over COVID-19 concerns’ (G&M).

Jacob Serebrin, ‘COVID-19: grève de la faim au Centre de surveillance de l’immigration de Laval‘ (L’Actualite).

Mehreen Shahid, ’14 inmates at Penetanguishene superjail test positive for COVID’ (The Star).

SSF, ‘Une deuxième grève de la faim à la prison pour migrant-e-s de Laval’ (SSF).

The Suburban, ‘Seniors increasingly wary of long-term care, ‘Pandemic Perspectives’ survey shows’ (TS).

Tory Stafford, ‘CSC reports COVID-19 case at Millhaven Institution’ (Kingstonist).

Nicole Thompson, ‘Long-term care minister was ‘ahead’ of top public health doctor on COVID: commission’ (Winnipeg Free Press).

University of Ottawa – Faculty of Medicine, COVID-19’s disproportionate impact on long-term care facilities.

Various, ‘In face of deadly pandemic, Ontario long-term care homes continue breaking COVID-19 safety rules’ (CBC News).

Various, Supporting people leaving prisons during COVID-19: perspectives from peer health mentors (International Journal of Prison Health).

Week 22-28 February 2021

Rachel Bergen, ‘Residents at Winnipeg care home appear to avoid serious illness during COVID-19 outbreak after 1 vaccine dose’ (CBC News).

CBC News, ”Turning a corner’: Thunder Bay District Jail staff optimistic as COVID-19 cases drop’ (CBC News).

CBC News, ’52 cases of COVID-19 in Sarnia Jail outbreak’ (CBC News).

CBC News, ‘Outbreak at Kingston prison now over’ (CBC News).

Leyland Cecco, ‘Canada’s Covid plan under fire as air passengers evade hotel quarantine’ (The Guardian).

CHCH, ‘Inquiry into the devastating impact of COVID-19 on long-term care homes’ (CHCH).

CP, ‘COVID-19 cases more than double in federal prisons during second wave of pandemic’ (CTV News).

CP24, ‘Advocates call for COVID-19 vaccination plan for migrant and undocumented workers’ (CP24).

Lynn Desjardins, ‘Investigator flags higher COVID-19 cases among inmates’ (RCI).

Kate Dubinski, ‘Loved ones of EMDC inmates continue to worry amid COVID-19 outbreak’ (CBC News).

Rachel Emmanuel, ‘Travellers held at federal facilities weren’t charged for stay: public health agency’ (iPolitics).

Willow Fiddler, ‘Thunder Bay grapples with COVID-19 outbreaks in correctional facilities, homeless population’ (Welland Tribune).

Lisa-Marie Gervais, ‘Appel à la libération des détenus d’un centre de surveillance de l’immigration’ (Le Devoir).

Christopher Guly, ‘What Will Canada Do to Fix Its Senior Care Fail?’ (The Tyee).

tunnel-view – Franzisko Hauser (2021).

Kathleen Harris, ‘COVID-19 hit federal prisons twice as hard in 2nd wave of pandemic, report says’ (CBC News).

Sophia Harris, ‘New hotel quarantine rules for air travellers are now in effect. Here’s what you need to know’ (CBC News).

Chris Herhalt, ‘Long-term care commission grills Ontario’s chief medical officer over failures during COVID-19 first wave’ (CTV News).

Ian Holliday, ‘B.C. prisoners asked for masks for months, didn’t receive PPE until they tested positive for COVID-19, mom says’ (CTV News).

Jadrino Huot, ‘Éclosion majeure dans un CHSLD où 96% des résidents avaient déjà été vaccinés’ (Le Journal de Montreal).

ICI, ‘Les agents correctionnels offrent une autruche à Geneviève Guilbault’ (ICI).

ICI, ‘Une éclosion de COVID-19 fait rage dans une prison de Sarnia’ (ICI).

Thia James, ‘Daughter of healing lodge inmate whose death was related to COVID-19 seeks answers’ (SSP – Cape Breton Post).

Thia James, ‘U of S researchers to look at effects of COVID-19 on Sask. jail inmate population’ (Saskatoon StarPhoenix),

Andrew Jeffrey, ‘Optimism, relief as Alberta’s long-term care centres see significant drop in COVID-19 cases’ (CBC News).

Alexandra Mae Jones, ‘New studies to track prevalence of coronavirus antibodies in Canada’s prison system amid surge in cases’ (CTV News).

Amy Judd, ‘‘It’s inconvenient and very expensive’: 5 Vancouver hotels approved for government quarantine’ (Global News).

L’enquêteur correctionnel, ‘L’enquêteur correctionnel publie un troisième rapport sur la situation de la COVID-19 dans les services correctionnels fédéraux’ (LEC).

L’enquêteur correctionnel, Troisième mise à jour concernant la COVID-19.

Louise Leduc, ‘Une deuxième vague plus difficile pour les prisons’ (La Presse).

Justin Ling, ‘Houses of hate: How Canada’s prison system is broken’ (Macleans).

LPC, ‘Hausse de 144 % des nouveaux cas dans les prisons depuis la deuxième vague’ (LPC = L’actualite).

Ken Mann, ‘Vaccine distribution expands to shelters, as Hamilton reports 91 new cases of COVID-19’ (Global News).

Metro, ‘Des cas de COVID-19 au centre de détention de l’immigration de Laval’ (Metro).

Pandemic art – Christine Warner (2020).

Scott Miller, ‘Stratford Jail temporarily closing due to COVID-19 outbreak’ (CTV News).

Chris Montanini, ‘COVID-19 outbreak shuts Stratford jail for at least two weeks’ (The London Free Press).

Paula Newton, ‘Families want change after neglect in Canadian care homes proved deadly during the pandemic’ (CNN).

Office of the Correctional Investigator, ‘Correctional Investigator Releases Third Status Update on COVID-19 in Federal Corrections’ (OCI).

Office of the Correctional Investigator, Third COVID-19 Status Update.

Walter Pallad, ‘Thunder Bay is working on the outbreak of COVID-19 in correctional facilities, the homeless population’ (Times Now).

Andre Picard, ‘When will we stop studying long-term care and start fixing it?’ (G&M).

Louis Plottel, ‘Determining the impact of COVID-19 in Canadian prisons’ (The CTN).

Lorna Poplak, ‘What to do with a death trap? To figure out the future of the Thunder Bay District Jail, look to the past’ (G&M).

QMI, ‘COVID-19: 1,2M$ pour des études dans le milieu carcéral’ (QMI – Le Journal de Quebec).

16 October 1918 – Kimika Ying (2020).

Christine Rankin, ’17 more inmates at Hamilton-Wentworth Detention Centre have COVID-19′ (CBC News).

Nicole O’Reilly, ‘COVID-19 outbreak at Barton jail climbs to 28 cases’ (The Spec).

Nicole O’Reilly, ‘Inmates cut off from family, lawyers amid COVID-19 outbreak at Barton jail’ (The Spec).

Christopher Reynolds, ‘COVID cases in federal prisons soar during second wave of pandemic’ (National Observer).

Lindsay Richardson, ‘De multiples éclosions de COVID-19 dans les prisons qui touchent les autochtones’ (APTN News).

Andrew Russell, ‘Coronavirus: Ontario nursing home where 81 died was later cited 13 times for violations’ (Global News).

John Spitters, ‘Federal prisons in Ontario clear of COVID’ (Quinte News).

SSF, ‘Éclosion de COVID-19 à la prison pour personnes migrantes de Laval’ (SSF – Presse Gauche).

The Hill Times, ‘CSC responds: health and safety of our employees, inmates, and public is our top priority’ (THT).

Stephanie Thomas, ‘New mandatory hotel quarantine in effect for international travellers flying into Canada’ (CTV News).

Logan Turner, ‘Lawsuit filed against Southbridge Care Homes by residents, families of Roseview home in Thunder Bay, Ont.’ (CBC News).

Various, ‘For-profit nursing homes in Ontario say ownership has nothing to do with their higher COVID-19 death rates. A Star analysis finds that’s not the case’ (The Star).

Laura Woodward, ‘Inmate COVID-19 cases at Sask. Pen account for nearly 30% of all cases in Canada’s prisons during 2nd wave’ (CTV News).

Laura Woodward, ‘Sask. inmates can be tested for COVID-19 antibodies in new federal study’ (CTV News).

Week 15-21 February 2021

Bryann Aguilar, ‘Long-term care commission to interview Ontario’s top doctor, health and long-term care ministers next week’ (CTV News).

Françoise Boivin, ‘Enquete sur le CHSLD Herron’ (La Presse).

Olivia Bowden, ‘Shortage of nursing homes geared to ethnic groups a ‘disaster’ for aging immigrant population’ (The Star).

Michael Bramadat-Willcock, ‘‘I couldn’t really breathe’: Former inmate on COVID-19 at federal prison’ (The Star).

Michael Bramadat-Willcock, ‘Former Saskatchewan Penitentiary inmate calls COVID-19 outbreak ‘inevitable’’ (Global News).

Terry Bridge, ‘Sarnia Jail’s COVID-19 outbreak ‘concerning,’ area’s top doctor says’ (The Sarnia Observer).

Desmond Brown, ‘COVID-19 outbreak at Hamilton-Wentworth Detention Centre’ (CBC News).

CBC News, ‘Dozens of inmates test positive for COVID-19 at minimum-security unit in prison north of Montreal’ (CBC News).

CBC News, ‘HMP inmates and staff being tested for COVID-19, number of firefighters in isolation climbs to 51’ (CBC News).

Ryan Cooke, ‘HMP officials knew about COVID-19 exposure last week, NAPE president says’ (CBC News).

CP, ‘Deadline for written public submissions to Ontario’s long-term care commission on Tuesday’ (CP – Global News).

CP, ‘Barrie, ‘Ont., long-term care home outbreak that killed 70 people declared over’ (CP – National Post).

Pre-coronavirus gatherings Don Sniegowski (2020).

CP, ‘Quebec coroner confirms new dates for hearings on deaths at Herron long-term care home’ (CP – CTV News).

CP, ‘Director of care home with worst COVID-19 death toll in B.C. resigns’ (Vancouver Sun).

CTV News, ‘Bordeaux prison inmates hold hunger strike over confinement measures’ (CTV News).

Aaron Derfel, ‘Bordeaux and three other Quebec jails hit with COVID-19 wave’ (Montreal Gazette).

Jesse Feith, ‘Résidence Herron seeks delay as inquiry begins into COVID-19 deaths at CHSLDs’ (Montreal Gazette).

Financial Post, ‘COVID-19 Health Care Outbreaks are Still Fatally High: Long-Term Care Deaths Surpass Wave I & COVID-19 Infections 50% More than Wave I’ (FP).

Joanna Frketich, ‘Hamilton residents told to stay at home as city starts to reopen’ (The Star).

Susan Gamble, ‘Prisoners ‘very frightened’ by COVID-19 outbreak at Maplehurst’ (The Brantford Expositor).

Global News, ‘Public inquiry into deaths at Quebec long-term care homes begins’ (GN).

Sean Gordon & Steve Rukavina, ‘Disappointment, sadness from families as public inquiry into CHSLD Herron put on hold’ (CBC News).

Alyshah Hasham, ‘Ontario confirms Indigenous jail inmates are a priority for Phase 1 of vaccine rollout’ (The Star).

ICI, ‘La famille d’un détenu mort après un incident dans un pénitencier réclame une enquête’ (ICI).

ICI, ‘L’anxiété augmente en prison quand la COVID-19 se répand en ville’ (ICI).

ICI, ‘Ottawa dévoile la liste des hôtels retenus pour les quarantaines obligatoires’ (ICI).

Thia James, ‘Finding transitional supports and housing after release from custody even more difficult during pandemic’ (The StarPhoenix).

Thia James, ‘Inmates face delayed health care appointments as wait-lists grow during pandemic’ (The StarPhoenix).

Amy Judd, ‘Administrator resigns at care home that was site of B.C.’s deadliest COVID-19 outbreak’ (Global News).

Stefan Labbe, ‘Why does COVID-19 kill so many seniors in long-term care?’ (Times Colonist).

Antoine Lacroix, ‘Les agents des services correctionnels veulent des ajustements aux mesures sanitaires’ (Le Journal de Montreal).

Andrea Lawson, ‘COVID-19 outbreak declared at the Barton Street jail in Hamilton’ (CHCH).

LPC, ‘Éclosion de COVID-19 à la prison de Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines au Québec’ (LPC – ICI).

LPC, ‘CHSLD Herron : les audiences auront lieu en septembre’ (LPC – ICI).

Pete McMartin, ‘We, as a nation, are to blame for care home death toll’ (Vancouver Sun).

Jason Magder, ‘Coroner decides ‘with regret’ to delay inquiry into Herron CHSLD deaths’ (Montreal Gazette).

Robyn Maynard, ‘Six months later, the public reckoning over policing and incarceration is ongoing’ (The Star).

Nigel Maxwell, ‘Video visits to be made available to Prince Albert inmates’ (PA Now).

No title – Besanzona (2020).

Dave Naylor, ‘Canadian cross-border travellers threatened with jail without COVID test’ (Western Standard).

Elizabeth Niedra, ‘Why proper home care should be a cornerstone of how our health system looks after seniors’ (CBC News).

Randy Palmer, ‘Latest podcast episode from John Howard Society to look at change in prison system’ (Moosejaw Today).

Martha Paynter, ‘COVID-19 underscores the many failures of imprisonment’ (Halifax Examiner).

Emilie Pelletier, ‘L’Établissement de détention de Québec frappé par la COVID-19’ (La Tribune).

QMI, ‘Trente détenus de Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines ont contracté la COVID-19’ (QMI – Journal de Montreal).

Daniel Renaud, ‘Tensions entre détenus et agents correctionnels’ (La Presse).

Daniel Renaud, ‘COVID-19 in Bordeaux | Tensions between inmates and correctional officers’ (The Canadian).

Lindsay Richardson, ‘No books, visits, or showers: Pandemic prison conditions in Quebec spark human rights debate’ (APTN News).

Alexis Riopel, ‘Demande de report des audiences de la coroner sur le CHSLD Herron’ (Le Devoir).

Daniel J. Rowe, ’30 inmates infected in COVID-19 outbreak at Quebec minimum-security prison’ (CTV News).

Steve Rukavina, ‘Long-awaited inquiry into long-term care deaths could be delayed’ (CBC News).

Steve Rukavina, ‘Owners of CHSLD Herron argue public inquiry would prejudice a jury if charges are laid’ (CBC News).

Hanging out during the pandemic – Lee Wooten (2020).

Saltwire, ‘All inmates, staff at HMP in St. John’s to be tested for COVID-19’ (Saltwire).

Jacob Serebin, ‘As COVID-19 cases drop in Quebec nursing homes experts credit vaccine, other factors’ (CBC News).

Galen Simmons, ‘Inmate tests positive for COVID-19 at Stratford Jail’ (The Beacon Herald).

Dan Spector, ‘Coronavirus: Coroner’s inquest into nursing home deaths at Herron begin’ (Global News).

Jayda Taylor, ‘Saskatoon inmates say they’re settling for federal sentences for better re-integration programming’ (CTV News).

Stephanie Taylor, ‘Saskatchewan extends public health order, says 1 in 5 in care homes fully vaccinated’ (CP – National Post).

Daniel Thiebeault, ‘Hécatombe dans les CHSLD : comprendre les erreurs pour ne pas les répéter’ (ICI).

Simon Van Vliet, ‘Vers une grève de la faim à la prison de Bordeaux?’ (Le Journal des Voisins)

Joe Warmington, ‘Hotels become jails when healthy citizens not allowed to leave’ (Toronto Sun).

Week 8-14 February 2021

Olivier Bachand, ’95 % des résidents en CHSLD ont été vaccinés’ (ICI).

Eva Bartlett, ‘Canada’s mandatory Covid-19 hotel stays are not ‘internment camps’ but they are costly forced detention’ (RT).

Alex Boutilier, ‘Erin O’Toole rejects national standards for long-term care’ (The Star).

Adina Bresge, ‘A breakdown of Canada’s isolation sites as details are revealed on hotel requirements’ (CTV News).

Adina Bresge & Catherine Lavesque, ‘Scénarios de la quarantaine au Canada, volontaire ou pas’ (LPC – Le Soleil).

CBC News, ‘COVID-19 outbreak declared at Sarnia Jail after 2 inmates test positive’ (CBC News).

CBC News, ‘Thunder Bay District Jail union president frustrated over new COVID-19 cases’ (CBC News).

CBC News, ‘Researchers study COVID-19 vaccine’s impact on long-term care residents and staff in B.C., Alberta’ (CBC News).

CP, ‘B.C. ombudsperson calls for fair, consistent policy on long-term care visits’ (CP – CBC News).

CP24 News, ‘Ontario’s infection prevention team sidelined due to politics, commission hears’ (CP24 News).


Pandemic signs, Salem, MA – Lee Wooten (2020).


Terry Davidson, ‘Research project seeks to understand COVID-19 justice barriers for people who live with disabilities’ (The Lawyer’s Daily).

Maite De Rue, Prisons and Jails Should be Prioritized for the Coronavirus Vaccine (Open Society Justice Initiative).

Rachel Emmanual, ‘By holding travellers who had wrong COVID test, feds are abusing their rights: MP’ (iPolitics).

Nicholas Frew, ‘SGEU criticizes Sask.’s decision not to prioritize jails for COVID-19 vaccine’ (CBC News).

Daina Goldfinger, ‘Health coalition speaks out after some Ontario nursing homes ban essential caregivers’ (Global News).

Katie Griffin, ‘How a Metcalfe long-term care home kept COVID-19 out’ (CTV News).


Covid-19 – Ricardo Hunis (2020).

Tyler Harper, ‘For B.C. seniors in care, it’s been nearly a year of isolation to combat COVID-19 outbreaks’ (Surrey Now Leader).

Alyshah Hasham, ‘Ontario emptied its jails because of COVID-19. Then came Wave 2’ (The Star).

Ian Holliday, ‘Lockdowns over at 2 federal prisons in Fraser Valley’ (CTV News).

Mike Howell, ‘COVID-19 active cases drop in three Metro Vancouver jails’ (BIV).

Cristina Howorun, ‘Contraband cellphone video shows prisoners partying behind bars at Toronto South Detention Centre’ (City News).

ICI, ‘COVID-19 dans les prisons : une situation très préoccupante’ (ICI).

Maria Iqbal, ‘The anatomy of an outbreak: How COVID-19 wreaked havoc at Grace Villa’ (The Spec).

Thia James, ‘COVID-19 outbreak declared at youth correctional centre in North Battleford’ (The StarPhoenix).

Thia James, ‘Active COVID-19 cases down to 19 in Sask. correctional centres’ (The StarPhoenix).

Stefan Labbe, ‘Why does COVID-19 kill so many seniors in long-term care?’ (The Squamish Chief).

Stefan Labbe, ‘Port Coquitlam jail outbreak leads to 26 cases of COVID-19’ (Vancouver Is Awesome).

Wayne Mantyka, ‘Sask. inmates and corrections officers not on COVID-19 vaccine priority list’ (CTV News),

Anna McMillan, ‘Saskatchewan rolling out video calls for inmates after in-person visits cancelled’ (Global News).

Anna McMillan, ‘Saskatchewan police, teachers frustrated with COVID-19 immunization plan’ (Global News).

34/365 Stay Safe – Kat (2021).

NDP, ‘REALITY CHECK: For-profit long-term care homes only care about profits, not seniors’ lives’ (NDP).

Emilie Pelletier, ‘Après 49 décès et 263 infectés, plus aucun cas de COVID-19 au CHSLD Saint-Antoine’ (Le Droit).

Amanda Pfeffer, ‘Jail inmates worried about health-care staff shortages’ (CBC News).

Daniel Renaud, ‘La moitié des détenus de Bordeaux sont confinés’ (La Presse).

Steve Rukavina, ‘Families of residents who died at CHSLD Herron skeptical of public inquiry’ (CBC News).

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