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But for now, you will find below a selection of international coronavirus (COVID-19) related news articles and statements listed by date – the more recent first. Our aim is not to list everything (a mountain of information emerges everyday), just the more interesting items.

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Viruses and Self-isolation – muffinn (2020).

24 May 2020

AFP, ‘Le New York Times consacre sa une aux morts de la COVID-19′ (AFP – Le Presse).

AFP, ‘Les plaintes liées à la COVID-19 déferlent sur les tribunaux’ (AFP – TVA Nouvelles).

Rashvinjeet Bedi, ‘Covid-19: Three Immigration detention centre clusters reported in three days’ (The Star).


Jonah Hull, ‘As coronavirus ravages UK care homes, it spares one centre’ (Aljazeera).

Jayne McCormack, ‘Coronavirus in NI care homes a ‘critical battle’ for executive’ (BBC News).

Nazia Parveen, ‘Briton held in Indian prison over breaching lockdown rules’ (The Guardian).

Mark Pattison, ‘Catholic leaders decry prisoners’ exposure to COVID-19 during pandemic’ (Crux).


James Tapper, ‘CQC under fire from care home body for failing to report true death toll to ministers’ (The Guardian).

Urban Fusions, ‘Kermit Washington a refusé la libération de sa prison malgré les préoccupations liées à COVID-19’ (UF).

Andrew Welsh-Huggins, ‘A prison system tops in virus deaths starts reopening anyway’ (ABC News).

23 May 2020

Chris Barker, ‘Lockdown is nothing like being in jail. But it should change the way we think about imprisonment.’ (LSE).

Eliza Fawcett, ‘Even with expanding COVID-19 testing, DOC employees describe ‘a perfect storm’ within Connecticut prisons and jails’ (Courant).

Yoohyun Jung, ‘Critics Say Hawaii Prisons Are Failing To Help Released Inmates’ (Civic Beat).

Harshit Sabarwal, ‘Covid-19 infections surpass 300 in Pakistan prison’ (Hindustan Times).

Salam Abu Sharar, ‘Ex-Palestinian female prisoner recalls Eid festivity inside prison’ (AA).

SCF, ‘Inmate dies from COVID-19 at İstanbul’s Silivri Prison: statement’ (SCF).

22 May 2020

AFP, ‘COVID-19 en Birmanie: un journaliste condamné à 2 ans de prison’ (AFP – Le Journal de Montreal)

AFP, ‘COVID-19 en Birmanie: un journaliste condamné à 2 ans de prison’ (AFP – Le Journal de Montreal).

AFP, ‘Morocco prisoners make masks for fellow inmates’ (AFP – Deccan Herlad).

Robert P. Alvarez, ‘A Simple Solution for the Coronavirus Crisis in Prisons’ (Counterpunch).

Hannah Bowman, ‘COVID-19 AND PRISONS (PART 1)’ (Living Church).

Eunice Cho, ‘ICE’s Lack of Transparency About COVID-19 in Detention Will Cost Lives’ (ACLU).

Courrier International, ‘Birmanie: Deux ans de prison pour avoir rapporté une mort du Covid-19 par erreur’ (CI).

D. Kanyakumari, ‘Nearly 3,000 immigration detainees in Malaysia to be tested for COVID-19 after dozens of positive cases’ (CNA).

Le Courrier du Vietnam, ‘Audiences au tribunal et visites virtuelles dans une prison de Dubaï’ (LCDV).

Le Figaro, ‘Covid-19 en Birmanie: un journaliste condamné à 2 ans de prison’ (LF).

Jarvis Jay Masters, ‘Letting prisoners use cellphones makes sense – now more than ever’ (The Guardian).

Mark Pattison, ‘Catholic leaders decry prisoners’ exposure to COVID-19 during pandemic’ (Catholic News Service).

Ryan J. Reilly, ‘Man Serving 18 Years On Marijuana Charges Just Died In Federal Prison COVID-19 Outbreak’ (Huffpost).

RFI, ‘Plusieurs détenus testés positifs au coronavirus dans la plus grande prison d’Haïti’ (RFI).

Catherine E. Shoichet, ‘A brawl erupted at an ICE detention center. It’s a sign of growing Covid-19 fears among immigrants in custody’ (CNN).

Alexandra Villarreal, ‘Pregnant inmates languish in US prisons despite promises of release amid pandemic’ (The Guardian).

21 May 2020

Amnesty International, Eritrea: Detainees in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions defenceless against COVID-19.

AP, ‘Hungary closing border transit zones for asylum-seekers’ (AP – The Star).

CGTN, ‘Rwanda grants conditional release to nearly 3,600 prisoners’ (CGTN).

HRW, Tanzania: Prisoners’ Rights Ignored in COVID-19 Response (HRW – AllAfrica).

Sheema Khan, ‘We must listen to women’s warnings about the Middle East’ (Globe & Mail).

Sarah Lynch, ‘Federal inmates with COVID-19 in Louisiana continued working for days, union says’ (National Post).

MME, ‘Algerian activists sentenced for criticising authorities on Facebook’ (MME).

Laura Murphy-Oates, ‘The push for prisoners in Australia to be released in case of second Covid-19 wave’ (The Guardian).

NBCN, ‘NYC Offers Free COVID-19 Testing at Nursing Homes Amid Growing Scrutiny’ (NBCN).

Nova P., ‘UNODC Philippines raises concerns on mental well-being of prisoners and prison workers during COVID-19 pandemic’ (The Citizen Online).

OHCHR, Defending rights of Iranian prisoners amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

John Raphling, ‘Column: COVID-19 running rampant in Ohio prisons’ (Dispatch).

Dhakshayini Sooriyakumaran, ‘Surveillance will not save us from COVID-19’ (Aljazeera).

The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action, PROTECTION OF CHILDREN DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC.

Covid-19 Morale Booster – Ross Dunn (2020).

20 May 2020

AFP, ‘Les États-Unis renouent avec les exécutions après une pause liée au Covid-19’ (AFP – Huffington Post).

Radley Balko, ‘The last days of a covid-19 prisoner’ (The Washington Post).

Business Standard, ‘Rohini Jail assistant superintendent tests COVID-19 positive’ (BS).


COE Commissioner on Human Rights, Lessons to be drawn from the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic in long-term care facilities.

Daily Sabah, ‘276 migrant children at risk of COVID-19 in Greece’s ‘dirty, crowded cells’: Rights group’ (DS).

Jean-Francois Guillet, ‘Un Québécois confiné aux Philippines depuis deux mois’ (Le Droit).

Alison Holm, ‘Another Ohio Prison Guard Dies Of COVID-19’ (WCBE).

HRW, Immediate Measures to Protect the Rights of Prison Detainees in Tanzania.

La Libre Afrique, ‘Le président malien gracie 400 détenus pour freiner la propagation du coronavirus’ (LLA).

Sam Levin, ”They are setting us up for death’: thousands of California prisoners battle Covid-19′ (The Guardian).

Chris McCall, ‘Covid-19 deaths in care homes ‘single greatest failure of Scottish Parliament’ claims report’ (Daily Record).

MEMO, ‘Rights group: 2 detainees died of COVID-19 in Egypt’ (MEMO).

Walter Pavlo, ‘Federal Judges Are Relying On Bureau Of Prisons COVID-19 Numbers To Make Rulings’ (Forbes).

Timothy M. Smith, ‘What’s driving COVID-19 in prisons and jails—and how to fix it‘ (AMA).

Alison Tarrant & Lydia Hayes, ‘The suspension of routine inspections renders care homes invisible to scrutiny and costs lives’ (LSE).

Tounesna News, ‘Virus Raged at City Jails, Leaving 1,259 Guards Infected and 6 Dead’ (TN).

19 May 2020

Arab News, ‘Human Rights Watch condemns Qatar prison conditions as COVID-19 sweeps through inmates’ (AN).

Emma Grey Ellis, ‘Covid-19’s Toll on Prison Labor Doesn’t Just Hurt Inmates’ (Wired).

Gulf News, ‘COVID-19: Deliberate transmitters of infection face jail, hefty fines in Saudi Arabia’ (GN).

Le Figaro, ‘Mutinerie dans une prison au Pérou à cause du coronavirus’ (Le Figaro).

KWTX, ‘COVID-19 death toll in Texas prisons rises to nearly 40’ (KWTX).

Jim Letizia, ‘State Prison Inmates Sue Over Conditions Amid COVID-19’ (WCBE).

Lydia Lynch, ‘Prisoners to be paroled early under new COVID-19 laws’ (Brisbane Times).

Michael McMahon, ‘Emptying jails is a dangerous fantasy: The city must remain safe and keeping violent people on Rikers Island is no ‘death sentence’’ (New York Daily News).

N World, ‘Qatar denies reports that coronavirus is rampant in prisons after cases’ (N World).

Rhonda Pritchard, ‘The Covid-19 crisis is an opportunity to reform our prisons’ (Spinoff).

Surrey Comet, ‘Covid-19 custody facility detains 50-plus alleged offenders during outbreak’ (SC).

Tribune India, ‘COVID-19 inmates, staff in Rohini jail quarantined, contact tracing on: HC judge headed panel told’ (TI).

18 May 2020

ABC, ‘Newmarch House: 18 dead, 71 infected’ (ABC News).

AFP, ‘Qatar imposes mandatory masks on pain of prison’ (Global Times).

Agencies, ‘Over 125 Indian prisoners deported from Bahrain shifted to naval quarantine facility’ (The Federal).

David Blevins, ‘Coronavirus: Northern Ireland care homes to test all residents and staff’ (Sky News).

Justin Bowie, ‘Coronavirus Scotland: Over 400 care homes have active Covid-19 cases as Peterhead residents die’ (The Scottish Sun).

Baz Dreisinger, ‘COVID-19 and Beyond: Time to End ‘Cut-and-Paste Justice’’ (The Crime Report).

Geo TV, ‘Over 140 prisoners infected with COVID-19 in Pakistan’ (GT).

John Hirschauer, ‘COVID-19 and the Future of Long-Term Care’ (National Review).

Ryaz ul Khaliq, ‘Philippines releases 18,355 inmates since March 17’ (AA).

Le Courrier du Vietnam, ‘Virus au Qatar : jusqu’à trois ans de prison pour non-port du masque’ (LCDV).

Nouvelles, ‘Le coronavirus nous fera-t-il repenser l’incarcération de masse?’ (Nouvelles).

Reuters, ‘Covid-19: Wear a mask or face jail in Kuwait and Qatar’ (The Times of India).

Sarah Stillman, ‘Will the Coronavirus Make Us Rethink Mass Incarceration?’ (The New Yorker).

Various, ‘”Death Sentence”: the hidden coronavirus toll in U.S. jails and prisons’ (National Post).

17 May 2020

APF, ‘Qatar/virus: jusqu’à 3 ans de prison pour non-port du masque’ (APF – RTI).

Louise Cullen, ‘Coronavirus: ‘Dad doesn’t understand why we’re not visiting him” (BBC News).

Yohan Demeure, ‘Covid-19 : le Missouri va exécuter un détenu en respectant la distanciation sociale’ (Sciencepost).

Egypt Today, ‘Egypt’s Interior Ministry denies reports of COVID-19 infections among prisoner’ (ET).

Gulf News, ‘COVID-19: 3 years jail for not wearing masks in Qatar’ (GN).

NBC4, ‘Prisoners file class-action lawsuit against Ohio because of COVID-19 pandemic’ (NBC4 – WKBN).

PTI, ‘COVID-19: Over 6,000 inmates given bail to trim count in TN jail’ (Business Insider).

PTI, ‘Covid-19: Assam releases over 3,550 inmates to decongest jails’ (PTI – Times of India).

Eric Russell, ‘COVID-19 forces end-of-life conversations for nursing home residents’ (Press Herald).

The New Indian Express, ‘COVID-19: Maharashtra releases 7,200 prisoners to curb overcrowding’ (TNIE).

TV5Monde, ‘Australie: hausse des saisies de drogue dans les prisons lors du confinement’ (TV5Monde).

16 May 2020

Kris Dudley, ‘Detention Center reports zero COVID-19 cases’ (Bartesville Examiner Enterprise).

Silvia Forster-Frau, ‘Immigrants languish in detention as immigration courts close from coronavirus fears’ (San Antonio Express News).

Somya Lakhani, ‘Three days after first Covid-19 case, 16 test positive at Rohini Jail’ (The Indian Express).

La Tribune, ‘Covid-19 dans les prisons, le dernier bilan de la DGAPR’ (LT).

Peter McKenna, ‘Is COVID-19 killing human rights protections, too?’ (The Chroncile Herald).

Metro, ‘Ils risquent trois mois de prison pour des infractions Covid-19 à Bruxelles’ (Metro).

Ed Pilkington, ‘Invisible deaths: from nursing homes to prisons, the corona toll is out of sight – and out of mind?’ (The Guardian).

Sam Stockard, ‘Inmate advocate calls prisons’ COVID care a ‘nightmare’‘ (The Daily Memphian).

Various, ”We’re all on death row now’: Latin America’s prisons reel from Covid-19′ (The Guardian).

15 May 2020

Alannia Armitage, ‘Older people’s rights and dignity must be protected amid Covid-19 pandemic’ (TRT World).

Tom Gillespie, ‘Coronavirus deaths: More than a quarter of fatalities among care home residents linked to COVID-19’ (Sky News).

Ock Hyun-ju, ‘Prison feared to become next COVID-19 hotbed’ (Korea Herald).

Sushant Kulkarni & Sadaf Modak, ‘Explained: Freeing prisoners in emergency’ (Indian Express).

Tammy La Gorce, ‘‘Everybody Was Sick’: Inside an ICE Detention Center’ (NY Times).

News Break, ‘Another 100 Florida prison inmates positive for COVID-19’ (NB).

Francis Perraudin, ‘Coronavirus involved in quarter of care home residents’ deaths in England and Wales’ (The Guardian).

Rebecca Ratcliffe, ‘Fears Rohingya refugees face disaster after Covid-19 reaches Cox’s Bazar’ (The Guardian).

Sarah Turnnidge, ‘More Than 12,500 Care Home Residents In England And Wales Have Died Of Coronavirus’ (The Huff Post).

Abandoned Playground – Travis Wise (2020).

14 May 2020

AI, New Zealand Must Honour Refugee Promises (Scoop).

Aljazeera, ‘Coronavirus: Nicaragua moves over 2,800 prisoners to house arrest’ (A).

Brant Bingamon, ‘For Texas Prisoners, COVID-19 Shouldn’t Be a Death Sentence’ (The Austin Chronicle).

Steve Caruana, ‘Prisons and human rights in the time of COVID-19’ (UWA).

HRW, Detained Children Left Out of Covid-19 Response.

Times of India, ‘In first Covid-19 case in Delhi prison, Rohini jail inmate tests positive’ (ToI).

Nohah Lanard, ‘A Honduran Man Has Died of COVID-19 After Leaving an ICE Jail Plagued by the Virus’ (Mother Jones).

Claire Levenson, ‘Le Missouri va mener une exécution avec distanciation sociale’ (Slate).

Le Parisien, ‘Coronavirus : vigilance à la prison de Val-de-Reuil après la découverte de deux cas’ (LP).

MBS News, ‘UN agencies ask to minimize the spread of COVID-19 in prisons’ (MBS News).

Nicholas Pugliese, ‘Despite promise of release, NJ has highest COVID-19 prison death rate in the nation’ (The Philadelphia Tribune).

RFI, ‘Coronavirus en RDC: les libérations annoncés de détenus se font attendre’ (RFI).

Pablo Garcia Sacristan, ‘The motley crew of misfits helping Spain’s elderly villagers through Covid-19’ (The Guardian).

PACE, COVID-19: PACE monitors warn Azerbaijani authorities against abuse of pandemic to crack down on opposition.

Stuff, ‘Coronavirus: Courts, Corrections start to reopen’ (Stuff).

UNODC, COVID-19 measures likely to lead to an increase in migrant smuggling and human trafficking in longer term, UNODC report finds.

Various, ‘Why women dying in prisons are among the less visible victims of Covid-19’ (The Guardian).

Various, ‘What the coronavirus crisis reveals about vulnerable populations behind bars and on the streets’ (The Conversation).

13 May 2020

Michelle Alexander, ‘Let Our People Go’ (The New York Times).

AI UK, Cambodia: ‘War on Drugs’ is rife with torture, corruption and on brink of triggering a COVID-19 catastrophe.

Be Latina, ‘Immigrant Dies From COVID-19 in a Detention Center After Spending More than 40 Years in the Country’ (BL).

Jonathan Blitzer, ‘The Trump Administration’s Deportation Policy Is Spreading the Coronavirus’ (The New Yorker).

Robert Booth, ‘Coronavirus: real care home death toll double official figure, study says’ (The Guardian).

Déclaration commune de l’ONUDC, de l’OMS, de l’ONUSIDA et du HCDH sur la COVID-19 dans les prisons et autres milieux fermés.


Investig’ Action, Coronavirus: Des familles de détenus interpellent la ministre de la Justice.

Iran HRM, ‘Inmates Protest Over the Spread of COVID-19 in Northwest Iran Prison’ (Iran HRM).

Jakarta Post, ‘COVID-19: Over 100 early released prisoners have reoffended, police say’ (JP).

Medical XPress, ‘COVID-19: Pros and cons of early prisoner release‘ (MX).

Samantha Michael, ‘He Was One of New York’s Most Famous Prisoners. Now He’s One of Its Oldest—and Most Vulnerable’ (Mother Jones).

News Service of Florida, ‘COVID-19, testing soar in prisons’ (NSF – Florida Politics).

Nouvelles du Monde, ‘Trump réclame la libération des Américains détenus à l’étranger’ (NdM).

UNAIDS, COVID-19 in prisons—a ticking time bomb.

UNODC, WHO, UNAIDS & OHCHR, Joint statement on COVID-19 in prisons and other closed settings.

Various, ‘Prisons, drogues, populations vulnérables et coronavirus’ (Le Temps).

Alexandra Villareal, ‘US nursing homes seek legal immunity as Covid-19 spreads ‘like brushfire’’ (The Guardian).

COVID-19 and the same old stories – muffinn (2020).

12 May 2020

20Minutes, ‘Coronavirus : Des prisonniers américains cherchent à contracter la maladie pour obtenir une remise en liberté’ (20M).

Apryl Alexander, ‘Minisode: COVID-19, Prisons and Smart Decarceration’ (University of Denver).

Timothy Bella, ‘Inmates tried to infect themselves with the coronavirus to get early release, Los Angeles County sheriff says’ (The Washington Post).

Kanchan Chaudhari, ‘Maharashtra panel decides to release 50% of prisoners on temporary bail to prevent spread of Covid-19’ (The Hindustan Times).

Musawenkosi Cabe & Anastasya Eliseeva, ‘South Africa: Releasing Prisoners to Stop the Spread of COVID-19‘ (AllAfrica).

CNBCTV18, ‘Twitter CEO donates $10 million to help prisons fight COVID-19’ (CNBCTV18).

Samantha J. Gross, ‘Women’s prisons are already hotbeds of abuse. Now one in Florida is a COVID-19 nightmare’ (Miami Herald – MSN).

Eli Hager, ‘Solitary, Brawls, No Teachers: Coronavirus Makes Juvenile Jails Look Like Adult Prisons‘ (The Marshall Project).

Sam Levin, ‘He lived in the US for 40 years. Then he became the first to die from Covid-19 in immigration jail’ (The Guardian).

Metro, ‘Des détenus font tout pour attraper le coronavirus en espérant sortir de prison’ (Metro).

Paris Match, ‘Aux Etats-Unis, des prisonniers essayent d’attraper le coronavirus pour être libérés’ (PM).

Perspectives, ‘Les prisons exemptes du Covid-19 relèvent de huit régions, assure la DGAPR’ (P).

J.J. Smith, ‘My Turn: Steps must be taken to prevent COVID-19 prison outbreak’ (Concord Monitor).

Alexis Stevens, ’12th Georgia prison inmate dies from the coronavirus’ (AJC News).

Togo Breaking News, ‘Togo: Des détenus révoltés gazés à la prison civile de Lomé’ (TBN).

WION, ‘Los Angeles prisoners filmed trying to catch COVID-19 to secure early release’ (WION).

11 May 2020

AI, The COVID-19 pandemic can teach us compassion for migrants and refugees.

APA, ‘Zimbabwe: le Covid-19 entraîne le retour des évadés de prison’ (APA).

Benjamin Bathke, ‘Greece: Rights watchdogs report spike in violent push-backs on border with Turkey’ (Informigrants).

European Interest, ‘COVID-19: the conditions in prisons pose a serious challenge to human rights’ (EI).

FR24 News, ‘Coronavirus: Des gardes de sécurité, des chefs et des chauffeurs de taxi parmi les plus susceptibles de mourir avec COVID-19, selon l’ONS | UK News’ (FR24 News).

Paul Gregoire, ‘Australia: An act of negligence: An interview with COVID-19 Prison Watch founder Miranda Gibson’ (Sydney Criminal Lawyers- Mondaq).

KBS, ‘COVID-19 : le Japon fait fabriquer des blouses médicales aux prisonniers’ (KBS).

La Tribune, ‘Covid-19 : Les prisons du Royaume sous très haute surveillance !’ (LT).

Poynter, ‘Jails and prisons have not ‘flattened the curve’ and risk spreading infections outside their walls’ (Poynter).

RNZ, ‘COVID-19-positive traveller jailed after refusing medical examination at New Zealand border’ (RNZ – Newshub).


The Marshall Project, ‘Ewwwww, What Is That? Coronavirus has made Texas prison food even more gross’ (TMP).

The Wire, ‘As 81 More Test Positive for COVID- 19, Condition Worsens at Mumbai’s Arthur Road Central Prison’ (TW).

Times of Israel, ‘Amid pandemic, UN officials urge release of Palestinian minors jailed by Israel’ (TOI).

UNICEF, In light of COVID-19 crisis, UN officials call for immediate release of all children in detention, including Palestinian children.

Various, ‘Like ‘stationary cruise ships’: Prisons, factories emerging as deadly coronavirus transit hubs’ (ABC News).

Ketra Wooding, ‘Thirty-five-year-old living in aged care reveals what life is like inside during this pandemic’ (SBS).

10 May 2020

Abdullah Ayasun, ‘Covid-19 Exposes a Fatal Threat in Turkey’s Over-Crowded Prisons’ (Medium).

AFP, ‘Italy adds conditions to release of mafia prisoners after outcry’ (AFP – Al Arabiya).

AFP, ‘L’Italie veut renvoyer ses mafieux en prison’ (AFP – TVA Nouvelles).

BBC News, ‘Plans for early prisoner release shelved by government’ (BBC News).

Andea Carden, ‘Two Texas corrections employees die from COVID-19’ (FOX San Antonio).

Chicago Sun, ‘Low-rated nursing homes in Cook County fare worst in COVID-19 deaths’ (CS).

Dabanga, ‘Sudan: Prisoner dies in escape attempt during Covid-19 selective release’ (Dabanga).

Aamir Khan, ‘Marriage in times of Covid-19: Delhi court allows prisoner bail to marry’ (The Times of India).

Le Matin, ‘Coronavirus: Le point de situation dans les établissements pénitentiaires’ (LM).

New India Express, ‘Agra jail inmate’s death due to COVID-19 causes concern’ (NIE).

Telangana Today, ‘792 inmates in California prison test COVID-19 positive’ (TT).

Various, ‘Vigil Held For Immigrant Detainee Who Died of COVID-19’ (NBC).

9 May 2020

7SUR7, ‘Covid-19 : 145 détenus déjà testés positifs à la prison militaire de Ndolo, le dépistage se poursuit’ (7SUR7).

AFP, ‘La peur du coronavirus ne ralentit pas le flux de migrants à travers le désert’ (AFP – Le Journal de Montreal).

France24, ‘RD Congo : derrière les barreaux de la prison de Makala, la surpopulation et la faim’ (FR24).

Omkar Gokhale, ‘Prisoners equally enjoy right to safety as those outside: Bombay HC on Arthur Road Jail COVID-19 situation’ (The Indian Express).

Kimberley Kindy, ‘These towns love their federal prison. But covid-19 is straining the relationship.’ (The Washington Post).

Robin McDowell & Margie Mason, ‘Pandemic or not, the U.S. prison business goes on’ (The Arkansas Democratic Gazette).

PACE, ‘COVID-19: ‘life after the Corona crisis will be different, but our rights stay the same’ says PACE President.’ (PACE).

Maya T. Prabhu, ‘Detained juvenile tests positive for COVID-19 in Georgia’ (AJC).

Alessandro Rampietti, ‘Colombia: 30 percent of prisoners infected with COVID-19’ (Aljazeera).

Shubham Rose, ‘COVID-19: Over 800 Inmates, 25 Staff Test Positive At One California Prison Complex’ (Republic World).

Tim Zubizarreta, ‘Decongesting Prisons and the Violation of Human Rights’ (Republic World0.

Closed Store – Travis Wise (2020).

8 May 2020

George Block, ‘Coronavirus: Prison ‘timebomb’ fears as frustration and boredom build’ (

Beth Cassidy, ‘Law in the time of COVID-19‘ (The Daily).

Helen Davidson, ‘Global report: virus has unleashed a ‘tsunami of hate’ across world, says UN chief’ (The Guardian).

Deutsche Welle, ‘Activists call for amnesty as COVID-19 spreads in Russian jails’ (DW).

Haiti Biz News, ‘Covid-19 : 513 détenus ont été libérés en un mois, rapporte le RNDDH’ (HBN).

Yahia Hatim, ‘Moroccan Prisons Start Getting COVID-19 Under Control’ (Morocco World News).

Le Telegramme, ‘Comment les prisons se déconfinent ?’ (LT).

Junior Malala, ‘RD Congo : le coronavirus met les prisons sous tension’ (Le Point).

Robin McDowell & Margie Mason, ‘America’s business of prisons thrives even amid a pandemic’ (AP – The News Tribune).

Marie Morelle Sylvain Faye Frédéric Le Marcis, ‘Prisons in the Time of the Coronavirus Pandemic in Africa‘ (African Arguments).

John Moritz, ‘State: 300 prisoners approved for release’ (Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette).

Meera S. Nair, ‘Harvard, University of Michigan Professors Discuss the COVID-19 Pandemic’s Effect on Prisons’ (The Harvard Crimson).

Mamadou Sall, ‘Covid-19 et vie carcérale : Le Forum du justiciable plaide le désengorgement des prisons’ (Senego).

Reuters, ‘South Africa to parole 19,000 prisoners to curb coronavirus’ (Reuters in National Post).

Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary or Arbitrary Killings, COVID-19 and Protection of right to life in places of detention.

Stephane Shepherd & Benjamin Spivak, ‘Re-considering the immediate release of prisoners during COVID-19 community restrictions’ (The Medical Journal of Australia).

UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, COVID-19 not an excuse for unlawful deprivation of liberty – UN expert group on arbitrary detention and its Deliberation No.11.

The UK National Preventive Mechanism – preventing ill-treatment in the
context of COVID-19

Various, Human mobility and human rights in the COVID-19 pandemic:
Principles of protection for migrants, refugees, and other displaced persons

Sidewalk Reassurance – Travis Wise (2020).

7 May 2020

AFP, ‘Le coronavirus progresse dans les prisons américaines’ (AFP – Le Devoir).

AFP, ‘Premier décès de la COVID-19 d’un migrant en détention aux États-Unis’ (AFP – La Presse).

AFP, ‘La prison pour une coiffeuse qui a gardé son salon ouvert pendant la COVID-19’ (AFP – Huffington Post).

Robert Booth, ‘Stop using coronavirus powers to neglect care duties, UK councils told’ (The Guardian).

Hannah Cross, ‘National Cabinet ignores calls for prisoner release to stop COVID-19 spread’ (National Indigenous Times).

Courrier International, ‘En Uttar Pradesh, la transmission intentionnelle du coronavirus est passible de prison à vie’ (CI).

DW, ‘Les prisons de la RDC considérées comme des mouroirs’ (Deutsche Welle).

Noelle E. C. Evans, ‘ICE detainee with COVID-19 at detention center in Batavia denied release’ (WXXI News).

France Bleu, ‘Déconfinement : en prison, la reprise des parloirs inquiète les surveillants‘ (FB).

Franceinfo, ‘Prisons : 5 000 détenus libérés depuis le début du confinement, annonce Nicole Belloubet’ (FI).

Abhinav Garg, ‘Delhi: Convicts among 3,500 prisoners let off to decongest jails‘ (Times of India).

John Ironmonger, ‘Coronavirus: UK detention centres ’emptied in weeks” (BBC News).

Kelan Lyons, ‘Inmates seeking compassionate release face laws not built for COVID-19’ (CT Mirror).

John McConnaughey, ‘Most women in 1 Louisiana prison dorm have COVID-19’ (San Francisco Chronicle).

Nooman Merchant, ‘Advocates warn of more immigrant deaths without ICE action’ (The Star).

Pete Pattisson & Roshan Sedhai, ‘Qatar’s migrant workers beg for food as Covid-19 infections rise’ (The Guardian).

Reuters, ‘U.S. records first coronavirus death of immigrant detainee’ (Reuters in the NP).

Tribune India, ‘Detained immigrant dies due to COVID-19 in US’ (TI).

UK Parliament, Committee to hold evidence session on impact of Covid-19 on immigration detention.

6 May 2020

Nathalie Baptiste, ‘States Are Halting Executions Because of the Pandemic—But Not Missouri’ (Mother Jones).

BBC News, ‘Coronavirus: Nigeria’s death penalty by Zoom ‘inhumane” (BBC News).

Alexandra Beech, ‘Prison advocates call on Government to take more action to prevent COVID-19 outbreak in jails’ (ABC News).

Chesa Boudin, ‘Op-Ed: I’m keeping San Francisco safer by emptying the jail. My father should be freed too‘ (LA Times).



Damian Carrick, ‘Prisoners, drug users, the homeless and Covid-19’ (The Law Report – ABC News).

France24, ‘Locked up with Covid-19: UN warns of ‘disastrous’ conditions in Latin America’s jails’ (France24).

Miranda Cady Hallett, ‘Mass arrests and overcrowded prisons in El Salvador spark fear of coronavirus crisis’ (The Conversation).

Islam Times, ‘UN Warns of Rapid Spread of Coronavirus in American Prisons amid Pandemic’ (IT).

KHN, ‘When Prisons Are ‘Petri Dishes,’ Inmates Can’t Guard Against COVID-19, They Say’ (KHN).

Samantha Melamed, ‘Lockdown diaries’ (The Philidelphia Inquirer).

Sanjeev Verma, ‘Covid=19: Punjab to Extend Parole of Convicts to Decongest Jails’ (Times of India).

Lisa Schlein, ‘Overcrowding, Unhygienic Conditions Causing Quick Spread of COVID 19 in Prisons, UN Says’ (VOA).

TV5Monde, ‘Le coronavirus transforme les prisons d’Amérique latine en poudrières’ (TV5Monde).

UNODC, To address fears of prisoners from COVID-19 and minimize risk of transmission, UNODC donates medical supplies to Ethiopia’s prisons.

Covid-19 The Year of the Virus – Jonathan Cutrer (2020)

5 May 2020

AFP, ‘Arabie Saoudite: avec la COVID-19, craintes autour de la santé d’une princesse emprisonnée’ (Le Journal de Montreal).

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4 May 2020

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AI, Amnesty International calls for the release of all prisoners of conscience worldwide.


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3 May 2020

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Thank You Xfinity – Elvert Barnes (2020).

2 May 2020

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1 May 2020

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Dear Neighbors – Elvert Barnes (2020).