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COPCAT Shorts – ‘Down With Torture!’ Campaign Images

The Canada OPCAT Project has just updated an older section of the website, ‘Down With Torture’ Campaign Images. The updated section has over 75 images, aiming to bring together in one place a collection of hard-hitting and eye-catching campaign images and posters aimed at preventing torture. While a smaller number of images have a specific OPCAT focus, others are more generic in scope. Collectively they remind us why the absolute prohibition of torture must always stand.

Campaign poster

The Amnesty International Germany poster above from 1978 is an illustrative case in point. The very alarming fact that FIFA went ahead with the tournament in Argentina at a time when it was widely known that thousands of people were being made to disappear, while many thousands more were imprisoned and tortured, beggars belief from today’s perspective.

We have added lots of other images to the collection, from new to old, which we hope to build upon with time. If you have any suggestions for the ‘Down With Torture!’ collection, please do send us your ideas. All suggestions are gratefully received. For now please browse at your leisure…

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