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In a trenchant analysis published this past week in Canadian Dimension journalist Lital Khaikin throws into sharp focus the Canadian Government’s interminable procrastination in relation the country’s OPCAT ratification process.

Titled Unconscionable treatment continues in Canadian detention centres, the article offers a hard-hitting, resonant account of Canada’s failure to make headway in relation to ratifying the human rights instrument. The noted sting in the tone of the news piece is with good reason, given the mind-rattlingly slow progress and formlessness of the overall ratification process.

The article sees the light of day when other key human rights actors in the country have urged Canada to finally underwrite the OPCAT treaty.

Earlier this month the Canada OPCAT Project filed an Access to Information and Privacy Request to try to determine the extent of any domestic progress in this same connection. Whether there has been a tilt in the balance remains to be seen.

In her 21 January 2021 news article author Lital Khaikin writes:

“The turbulent past year has cast a spotlight on the systemic problems with Canada’s carceral system, from criminal incarceration to migrant detention. This past summer saw protests against police brutality and the inhumane conditions endured by undocumented migrants in Canada, as well as calls to defund bloated police budgets and growing momentum for the prison abolition movements.

Despite this mounting criticism, there has been little discussion of a key international treaty on human rights that Canada has repeatedly failed to ratify.”

The in-depth article follows on from an earlier analysis published in mid-September 2020 titled Canada drags its feet on international convention against torture. Drawing on an array of high-profile human rights cases in Canada as well as interviews with key activists, Lital Khaikin cuts to the heart of the matter in her new feature, making another fortuitously timed and highly welcome contribution to this bone-weary domestic human rights debate.

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