Introducing… OPCAT Academics

Regular visitors to the Canada OPCAT Project website will be aware that in recent weeks the website has highlighted an ever greater number of articles under the ‘Academic News & Views’ rubric. As the heading suggests, the aim of the post series is to highlight journal articles with a more academic slant on all things OPCAT/torture prevention. In order to make life somewhat easier for visitors to the website, we have corralled them together in a new OPCAT Academics section.

Academics by Ron Mader (2019).

If you have written any materials on the broad subject of torture prevention with an academic twist, please do let us know. The aim of the post series is not to critically review articles, but more to offer a quick overview of their content and publicize them among our ever increasing readership.

Thus, whether you are freshly starting out on your academic path or running a busy, well heeled university law or politics department, we would be delighted to hear from you.  

Consult the OPCAT Academics section here.