COPCAT Shorts: Canadian Correctional Investigator Speaks Out For OPCAT

… for a number of years this Office has urged Canada to sign and ratify the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture (OP-CAT) … I understand that consultations have occurred with the provinces and territories concerning potential Canadian accession to the OP-CAT. While there is no doubt that implementing OP-CAT would require each level of government to make legislative amendments as well as changes to the mandates of existing bodies, I am of the view that the necessary legal and policy work should not delay Canada signing onto the treaty … Signing would send the right message and would keep the federal/provincial/territorial consultative process on a defined timetable toward Canadian accession and eventual ratification. Other federated states, with equally complex jurisdictional issues, have ratified OP-CAT, including Argentina, Germany, and, most recently, Australia. Complexity is not an excuse for delays or not doing the right thing.

Dr Ivan Zinger, Correctional Investigator, Annual Report 2017-2018Correctional Investigator Dr Ivan Zinger

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